Deadly Handsome Man: 02. paper clip

Reeve, Rufus(/Reno). G. ~300 words. For Thirty Evil Deeds.
Reeve’s just trying to do his job.

“You’ll see here, sir, the projected cost/benefit of–”

“Reeve,” Rufus says, folding his hands over the graphs scattered across his desk.

Reeve draws himself up, sliding the blueprint of the improvements to be made in Sector 7 back into a manila folder. “Sir?”

Reno stands by the window. The Turks have become a much more visible presence since the former President’s death, him most of all. Reno’s taken the place of Dark Nation, and Reeve doubts he’s the only one who would prefer the dog.

He imagines the grin plastered across Reno’s face is meant to be commiserating, but it comes off as a touch condescending instead.

Rufus starts gathering up the papers. “You seem to be under the impression that this issue is a priority.”

“The destruction of Sector 7 was excessive, sir,” Reeve says, disappointment thickly bitter in his mouth. “It accomplished your predecessor’s goal at a terrible price, but it does provide you with an excellent opportunity to restore the populace’s faith in ShinRa. The loyalty of the people is a valuable asset.”

“You have your budget, Reeve.” Rufus holds the papers out, his gaze cold. “Relocate any survivors, provide them with housing and employment. Inform them that Sector 7 will be rebuilt when ShinRa both puts an end to and recovers from these terrorist acts.”

Reeve takes the sheaf of papers, tucks them under his arm. It’s more than he expected but still less than he’d hoped for. “The rails at the very least–”

“Modify them.”

“Sir,” Reeve says, and it’s not the challenge it should be. He turns to leave. Out of the corner of his eye, he can see Reno’s smirk.


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