Deadly Handsome Man: 04. candlestick

Rufus/Reno. PG. ~300 words. For Thirty Evil Deeds.
Reno’s just hanging around.

Reno hangs back, watching the street.

Night around here is usually quiet. Halfway between the slums and the centre, most everyone is nine-to-five, so the shady characters tend to stay out of the limelight. For the most part, it’s a good deal: the office monkeys make themselves useful, the thieves and prostitutes and pushers do their thing, and ShinRa ignores the entire works as long as it doesn’t start to stink.

A john and his whore stumble out of an alleyway and Reno gives them a lazy once over. The guy’s drunk but the whore’s looking at him like she knows he’s trouble. She plays it smart and drags the guy back into the shadows. Reno looks back to the dark apartments.

He figures it shouldn’t be too long now, so he lights up a cig while he’s waiting.

All in all, Reno’s pretty happy with how things have been going down since the old man kicked it. There’s been a lot less standing around playing bodyguard and a lot more cleaning house. For a guy like Reno who likes to be on the move, that counts for a lot.

Reno blows out a lazy puff of smoke, eyes on the first few flickers of red. At the sound of light footsteps, his gaze jumps down to the main door.

What he’s really got to appreciate is a guy who’s not afraid to get his hands dirty.

Rufus reeks of gasoline. His face is flushed from the fire, there’re a few black soot stains stark on his white clothes. Reno offers up his half-smoked cig and watches Rufus take a long drag. The screams are just starting over the crackling flames.

“Have fun, boss?”

Rufus hands the cig back with a smile.


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