Deadly Handsome Man: 17. go outside and shut the door

Rude, Rufus. PG. ~400 words. For Thirty Evil Deeds.
Rude’s done some nasty shit.

The guy had pissed the boss off. Rude still doesn’t have much in the way of details, but details aren’t something he sweats. A job’s a job, it’s not like it matters to him.

Rufus has only been in charge for a few weeks, and while things are a hell of a lot different, Rude still didn’t figure Rufus would’ve waved them off like that and got down to business himself.

Reno tosses a glance his way. Rude shrugs.

“That’s it,” Reno mutters. “Seen this show. I’m outta here.” He looks at Elena, says, “You coming, babe?”

For a minute, Rude thinks Elena’s going to stick around. Reno might’ve seen it before, but this is the first time Rude’s been on a job with the boss in tow. He’s curious.

The door closes quietly behind them. There’s a needle in Rufus’s hand and he’s talking to the guy in low, even tones. Rude can’t hear what he’s saying, but from the look on the guy’s face, it’s not pretty.

Rude’s done some nasty shit. Broken bones are the least of it. He’s seen guys piss themselves, seen brains splattered on walls, seen Reno walk away whistling while some poor fuck bleeds out.

But Rufus is just plain stone cold. The guy’s screaming so damn loud Rude would have shut him up ages ago, but Rufus stands back, wipes his fingers off on a rag, and lets the fucker howl.

The room starts to stink. Something cold and wet trickles down the back of Rude’s neck. He tells himself he’s got to stick around because one of them’s got to be in here to watch the boss’s back. But a drink wouldn’t be so bad.

After the guy’s voice goes, and all he’s giving up are these little pathetic whimpers, Rufus sets a little bottle down on the table. Rufus tells him it’s a potion, and if he’s lucky, it’ll keep him alive long enough to find help.

Rufus turns to give Rude a nod. The front of his jacket is spattered with blood and a few other things Rude doesn’t want to think about. Rude raps a knuckle on the door and Reno swings it open, making a point of not looking in.

He makes the mistake of glancing back. The guy’s face is a mess, his one good eye on the bottle still on the table. If Rufus had untied him, he’d have probably drank it by now.

Rude shuts the door.


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  1. Arcane Says:

    Love this Rufus! Wonder where’s the rest of the series?

  2. remote45 Says:

    As always, you have these guys down to a science. This one just makes the hair on your neck stand up. Excellent!!

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