A Word Away

Kimberly/Roy. PG-13. 100 words. Dubcon.
Roy’s breaths are quick and shallow.

I can’t abide the way things have become
They think that you’re simple, they think that I’m dumb
You wanna know one thing that I advise
Shoot when you see the whites of their eyes.

-New Model Army

Roy’s breaths are quick and shallow, his eyes bright in the red-stained moonlight, darting from the burning city to the smoky sky. Kimberly brushes knuckles across Roy’s cheek and smiles when he scowls.

“What are you more afraid of?” Stepping close, Kimberly forces Roy against a charred wall. Their lips brush, a word away from a kiss. “Killing, or being killed?”

“You’re not supposed to be here.”

“None of us are, Flame,” Kimberly replies. “But here we are. You and me.” He takes Roy’s hand, admires the stitched array with a caress. Pretty to his eyes because it can kill.


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