Alive to Every Smile

Ed/Al. G. ~100 words. Al POV. Angst.
Sometimes, I get so hungry.

Sometimes, I forget what it is to touch. I have my feelings, happiness and regret and love. I think it’d be better if those were taken instead. It’s impossible to regret not regretting. If this is punishment, I can’t think of many things that could be worse.

I forget the comfort of warm skin against warm skin. Of real breath on lips I don’t have. I forget the pain that flesh can feel until I see it on his face. I see him smile and I remember what it’s like to have muscle and tendon and bone. I remember what it’s like to smile with him.

I want him to smile more. I want him to cry when he’s hurt. I want him to breathe for me. I want him to laugh and to live. I want it so badly I can imagine the taste of it, the way it would have made my stomach twist.

Sometimes, I get so hungry.


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