Better Things

Envy/Ed. PG. ~200 words. Dubcon.
Caught in the act.


Ed jumped like a startled cat, letting out a yowl to rival the mangiest alley cat’s before hissing a curse. He shoved Roy’s hand off his shoulder and nailed his superior with an evil look.

“Make some noise when you walk,” he groused.

Ed caught the flash of a smile in the darkness, gone before he was sure it had even been there. “I’d offer you the same advice. Sneaking out?”

He crossed his arms, pissed off with the fact that Roy managed to scare the shit out of him more than the fact that he’d been caught. “We agreed my free time was my own.”

“So we did,” Roy conceded. His hand settled on Ed’s shoulder again, lingering only a moment before gloved fingers slid under the thickness of braided hair and casually broke the tie.

“Hey,” Ed protested, backing into the shadows when Roy’s body heat pressed too close.

Roy smiled that same smile, something about it so familiar but strange the way it curved Roy’s lips. Ed felt confident hands settle on his hips, warm breath brush his cheek, and ignored the small nagging voice in favour of better things.


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