Between Sleep and Waking

Greed/Kimberly. PG. ~250 words.
It could have almost fooled him into thinking Greed was human.

Somewhere hazy between sleep and waking, Kimberly felt knuckles stroke his palm, press his lazily-curled fingers flat to the threadbare sheet. If it’d been another time, another place, that one touch would be enough to have him awake and snarling.

In another time and place, he wouldn’t have believed the thing currently tracing the solid black lines decorating his palm could possibly be real. But it was, and it wanted him and his alchemy just like it wanted everything else: desperately, with a fever hot enough to burn the world to ashes.

“Don’t tell me you’re actually sleeping,” Greed said, lifting his wrist close to its mouth. Breath washed warm and real against his skin, and for a moment, could have almost fooled him into thinking Greed was human, too.

It smiled, banishing the illusion with a flash of vicious white teeth, and traced a nail from the centre of his palm to the tip of one finger. “You know, Kimberly,” it said, not seeming to care if he was awake or asleep. “You’re a pretty son of a bitch.”

His fingers tensed marginally, and he saw a brief image of himself slapping his hand flat over its face to earn at least a few minutes peace, free from its seemingly insatiable need to touch him.

Instead, he said, “I know,” let his hand relax again, and drifted back into the pleasantly dark comfort of sleep. The last thing he remembered were the teasing nips of too-sharp teeth on the soft, fleshy pads of his fingers.


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