Biding Time

Wufei/Trowa. NC-17. ~300 words.
A smile played at the corners of his lips, smug and self-satisfied.

Trowa lay back on the bench, legs spread on either side of the glossy wood, one arm tucked behind his head as a pillow. The other arm flopped lazily across his stomach, the clean towel in his hand a slash of white against lightly-browned skin. His loose pants dragged low on one hip, showing the teasing glimpse of the very top of one thigh, a flat belly and the small sliver of dark hair that vanished beneath the cloth.

He tracked Wufei’s progress with lazy green eyes, swinging the edge of the towel slowly back and forth against the matting. A smile played at the corners of his lips, smug and self-satisfied when Wufei straddled his chest, one hand braced on the bar that Trowa had abandoned long before.

“For exactly how long are you planning on smirking at me like that?” Wufei gripped the side of Trowa’s neck, thumb pushing against his chin to tilt his head back.

A hand slid up Wufei’s thigh, tugged clothing down slender hips inch by inch until fingers wrapped warm and tight around his cock. Wufei stroked his knuckles along Trowa’s jaw, dragging his fingers through thick hair before seizing a handful. He pushed Trowa’s hand away with the other, thrusting into the tight ring made by his own fingers.

Trowa’s lips, wet and soft and parted, touched the head of his dick, sending a ripple of pleasure through him sharp enough to make muscles tense and brought his breath in a hiss. The slow, flat swipe of a tongue followed, Trowa’s eyes on his face as he rubbed against those teasing lips.

“Until you did something about it,” Trowa said with that same complacent look, and took his time in licking the smear of precome from his lips.


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