Bleeding Out

Wufei/Trowa/Relena. NC-17. ~200 words. AU. Supernatural.
All she had to do was say no.

Her own blood stained her lips red.

She couldn’t breathe, she didn’t need to breathe. Everything was heat, so cold it burned. Their hands on her breasts, stroking her thighs, her blood searing into her skin where it spilled bright and real down her neck.

She heard them whispering to her, dark promises on lips too sweet to be true. They wanted her, needed her, would always have her. All she had to do was say no, they’d told her. She knew she could say it, she should say it, but the words caught in her throat, turned into a moan and a plea for more.

Her hand tangled in coal black hair, eyes as dark as the soulless night following the path his hands traced on her naked body. Another kiss, the taste of pleasure and lifeblood lingering on her tongue. She swallowed a breath of humid air, stretched gracefully under the hand stroking her side, down her leg to brush knuckles softly against the inside of her thigh.

Green eyes, bright like a cat’s in the night fell on hers. Strong hands lifted her, stroked her face and her bloodstained skin. Long, slender fingers slid like silk inside her, brought pleasure so sharp and immediate that it bowed her back and stole her breath.

She’d never say no.


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