Carved Into Skin

Greed/Kimberly. R. ~100 words.
He lets Greed fuck him one last time.

Inhuman hands grab his arms, jerk him back against firm muscle. “Going somewhere?” Greed’s voice purrs into his ear, and he imagines he can feel the hot red welts his fingernails carved into skin.

“Off to do your stinking dirty work.” Kimberly doesn’t bother to fight the shivers that race through him as black claws dance a path of red and white scratches along thighs already marked by Greed’s touch.

Flesh fingers tangle in Kimberly’s hair, tug hard and quick to bare the long line of his throat. One razor tip trails over his neck to his lips, a seductive threat too powerful and immediate for him to ignore.

He lets Greed fuck him one last time.


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