Final Fantasy VI

A Madman’s Devil

Kefka/Edgar. PG-13. ~400 words. Dubious consent. Pastfic. Vassal and slave, said the manic light burning in Kefka’s eyes.

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Dancing Mad

Kefka/Edgar. NC-17. ~2200 words. Dubious consent. Pastfic. Edgar pays the price to keep Kefka from finding out the secrets of Figaro castle.

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Love to Hate

Kefka/Leo. PG. 100 words. Kefka’s butterflies were men.

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Not in Gold

Edgar/Sabin. R. ~300 words. Incest. Pastfic. His reasons are carefully worded, flawlessly planned.

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Two of a Kind

Edgar/Setzer. PG. ~100 words. Edgar spread his hands in a show of helpless innocence.

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