Final Fantasy X

Bury Me in the Blue Sea

Jecht/Auron. NC-17. ~3800 words. Pastfic. Auron always moved forward; Jecht made him stand still.

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Kimahri. G. ~200 words. Fluff. Pastfic. Kimahri does not think this is good idea.


Paper Tiger

Jecht/Auron. PG. ~500 words. Angst. Pastfic. He finds Jecht waiting for him.

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Quiet Minutes Pass

Auron/Braska. R. 500 words. Based on the Stages of Love: Five Senses challenge. For Pond. He considered it punishment.

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With Tired Souls, We Slept

Auron/Braska. NC-17. ~3100 words. Pastfic. Co-authored with Ponderosa. He would wish for dreams had they been restful of late.

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Worse Sins

Braska/Jecht. G. 100 words. Pastfic. Another smudge of ash on your already jaded name.

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