Harry Potter

After Hours (or Banging Some Sense into Sirius)

Remus/Sirius. PG. ~200 words. Humour. Pastfic. Thinking is never Sirius’s problem.

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Snape/Sirius. NC-17. ~5600 words. Noncon. At first, he thinks it’s Azkaban.

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Ashes to Ashes

Snape/Harry, Lucius/Harry. NC-17. ~6500 words. Noncon. Object insertion. Cover artwork by Ponderosa. Loyalty is often an ambiguous thing.

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Bitter Medicine

Snape/Harry. PG. ~250 words. Humour. Harry glared for all he was worth.

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Dreams Like Spiderwebs

Remus/Sirius. G. ~150 words. Freedom was a fickle thing.

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Into Waking

Remus/Sirius. G. 100 words. The old bedframe creaked as he turned to Remus.

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Snape/Harry. R. ~3300 words. Post-novels. Art by the same name drawn by Ponderosa. Hesitation is a deadly sin. Snape knows this better than most, and still. Still, he pauses.

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