Shadow Hearts

Designs of Conscience

Nox/Kurando. NC-17. ~6400 words. Yuri feels a little crazy talking to it. All right, a lot crazy. He knows he’s fucked up.

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Speaking with Gods

Kurando(Jutendouji)/Yuri. R. ~2000 words. For white_aster in newgameplus. Best challenge EVAR. \o/ It wasn’t the pub’s noise that bothered Kurando. It was the noise inside his head.

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Want the Daylight

Nicolai/Yuri. PG. ~400 words. Yuri’s used to waking up facedown in the middle of the Graveyard.

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Water Wasn’t My Style

Keith/Yuri. PG. ~400 words. But now Yuri’s thinking about it and wishes he wasn’t.

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