Caught (a Sabintha Story)

J/G. PG. ~900 words. Humour. Pastfic.
Sylvia finally gets the promised disc from Dorothy, and a surprise as well.

This is an idea born of Pond’s twisted mind, passed on to me and then fuelled by who knows what. It’s a direct sequel to her Sabintha story, ‘Dr.J/Pr.G #2 – Once Upon a Time’, involves the Doctors and sex, and thus has a squick factor. Try to keep your imaginations under control.

Sylvia Noventa was perched eagerly on the edge of her favourite overstuffed chair. Dorothy, her friend, had lived up to her word. Sylvia was now an exceedingly blissful member of a certain club that catered to those in possession of a more than healthy dose of voyeuristic tendencies.

She had in her hands several vid discs that were much longer and so much more …revealing than the tiny treasure that had earned her membership in the first place. The vid that Dorothy had promised so many weeks before was now in her player. Sylvia nearly buzzed with excitement. After torturing herself with the infuriatingly short clip she had found in her Grandmother’s possessions, she was finally going to watch a full encounter between the two boys.

Curling up with a pillow and the remote, Sylvia pressed the play button.

Darkness filled the screen and slowly lightened enough to reveal several shadowy green lumps strewn across a floor. Further lightening exposed that the lumps were people, flopped onto the floor haphazardly and evidently sleeping if the loud snoring was any indication.

There was movement to one side and Sylvia hissed irritably when the camera remained fixed. She strained her eyes in a vain effort to clearly see what was happening. Unconsciously, she leaned forward a little in her chair.


A green lump, shaped suspiciously like two people, rolled about and jostled one of the other lumps. Instantly, the two stopped moving. The person they had bumped snorted loudly and shifted, but remained asleep. When no one else in the room stirred, the two resumed moving with a fair amount of rustling blankets and mumbled conversation.

“That damn thing is cold!” a voice hissed.

“Ha!” another answered. “Better cold than not there at all!”

“Shush! Does the phrase ‘hush sex’ mean nothing to you, J?”


Sylvia barely bit back a squeal of excitement. She hadn’t doubted Dorothy, but the prospect of owning a full clip of the two young men was nearly too good to be true. She quickly regained her composure and fixed glittering eyes on the screen once more.


“What am I going to be quiet for? The others are dead to the world and I’m on a tight schedule,” Jun answered.

“Can’t keep hell waiting, can you?” Gunn muttered.

“Exactly, now come here.”


The movement changed, turning more frantic. The two still hadn’t shown themselves, instead staying hidden under the blanket. Knowing Dorothy, though, it would be well worth the wait when they finally made an appearance. Sylvia concentrated and relaxed her grip on the remote. The anticipation was killing her.


“Come where? Here?” Gunn’s voice had turned breathy.

“That’s …not funny.”

“You have no sense of humour.”

A loud clank sounded, making the two freeze again. The blanket slipped, but the light was wrong. All that showed was the darkened shape of a head with long hair. No other noise was heard, so the two resumed. Someone gasped, followed by a low moan.

“Did you hear that? I heard a voice.” Jun hissed. One of them rose up above the other, pulling the blanket back.

“Didn’t hear a thing.”

“You were too busy moaning. There, someone’s outside!”

“No one’s there. Finish what you started,” Gunn muttered irritably.

“There is someone there, you idiot.”

“There is-”

A muted explosion sounded from outside the room.

“-someone there,” Jun finished blandly.

A small band of light filtered into the darkness and a door slid open with a breath of displaced air. A slight figure stood framed in the doorway, peering into the dim room. “Hey, Heero? That you?” a male voice asked.

One of the figures in the blanket surged up just as the new figure pushed the door wider, sending bright light flowing into the room and revealing everything. “Duo!” he shouted, surprised.

“G, no!” Jun said, trying to pull him back down.

“Huh!?” The person in the doorway quickly disappeared, closing it behind him. “What the…!?” The newcomer’s voice was strained. “That definitely wasn’t what I was expecting to find,” he said, a tremor in his voice.


“Oh my god!” Sylvia screamed, her eyes wide. She groped for the remote, stopping the video. “Dorothy! Oh my god!”




“Another present from the perverted sisters, eh?” Duo said, wandering down the stairs of his and Heero’s home to meet his partner. “Who do you think it is this time?”

“Us,” Heero said simply.

“No, you hope it’s us,” Duo corrected, grinning.

Heero shrugged and unwrapped the package. A tiny line appeared between his eyebrows as he frowned at the label.

“What’s it say?” Duo asked, not bothering to wait for Heero’s answer. Instead, he plucked the disc case from his lover’s surprisingly stiff fingers. He glanced down at the tiny tag. “Oh my god! No! Sweet mother of god, no!” he screamed, dropping the case. “No! No, no, no!! That’s evil! Repulsive! Get it away! Get it away!” Duo ran back up the stairs, diving into the bedroom and onto the bed. He clutched a pillow to his eyes, rocking slowly back and forth and murmuring incoherently.

Heero’s eyes were wide with shock. He looked back at the label and raised an inquisitive eyebrow. It still read, ‘Dr.J/Pr.G #1: Caught.’

Quatre’s sisters wouldn’t possibly circulate a vid featuring geriatric sex.

Would they?


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