Change of Plans

Trowa/Une. G. ~150 words. Futurefic.
Trowa hunched against the punishing winter wind.

Trowa hunched against the punishing winter wind, ice pellets bouncing off the tough Preventers jacket tugged tight to his neck. Alert eyes searched the grey crowd, looking for the telltale signs of trouble. A gloved hand touched his arm, and his only response was the momentary flick of his gaze to Heero’s face.

“Over there,” Heero said, nodding to their left and pulling his own coat tighter around him.

He was off before Heero finished speaking, striding through snowdrifts and people with the same long-legged gait. He caught her before she could take off again and brushed iced hair out of her eyes.

“Consider this my application for additional vacation time,” he said, one arm sliding around her waist and steering her away from the steep hill and the gathering of daredevil idiots sailing down it. “I’ll take the bugs over this any day.”


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