Coming Undone

Heero/Duo/Trowa/Quatre/Wufei. NC-17. ~550 words. Polyamory.
Too much, too soon, just perfect.

“He can take it,” Quatre murmured, lazily palming himself with one hand. He sprawled on the couch, the other arm dangling over the back and his legs spread wide, watching the other four with eyes heavy from pleasure.

Wufei groaned around the fingers in his mouth, muscles taut and straining, shaking his head in denial. Heero laughed quietly in his ear, stroking a hand over his stomach and up the centre of his body. Gentle pressure tipped his head back, bared the long line of throat for sharp teeth to mark. His cuffed hands looped around Heero’s neck, fingers flexing uselessly.

Duo knelt between his legs, spreading him open for Quatre. Fingers spread cool slickness high on the inside of thigh, trailed slowly lower until Wufei moaned again. Duo’s fingers stroked slowly between the cheeks of his ass, drew wet circles around his hole before the tip of one pushed against him, pushed and stroked and slowly, torturously slowly, sank bit by bit inside him. He groaned again, long and low, and spread his legs wider.

“He wants it,” Quatre said, voice low and dark. “And I want to see him take it.”

Heero’s arm around his chest held him fast, kept him pinned as Trowa’s mouth teased his cock. He writhed against the slow, slick glide of tongue over his balls, struggled to thrust hard into the wet heat of Trowa’s mouth. Trowa’s fingers slipped from his own mouth, circled warm and damp around his nipple before brushing firmly over it, once, twice, then again and again, small pinches and tugs making him curse until Trowa took his cock between soft lips and pushed fingers back into his mouth.

“You hear that?” Duo said, lust making his voice rough and heavy.

Wufei felt his fingers push deeper, push faster, turning the slow burn of being stretched into razor-edged pleasure. The muscles of his thighs trembled as Duo drew his fingers away, replaced them with the slippery coolness of the toy they’d showed him.

Heero’s voice next, speaking quietly into his ear, “I want to fuck you. You think you can take me after you’ve had that shoved deep in your ass?” He didn’t wait for Wufei’s response, only added, “Maybe we’ll all fuck you. Trowa always said he wanted to drive his cock into you when you’re slick with someone else’s come.”

Wufei’s back arched as Trowa sucked him deep, Duo choosing that exact moment to push the blunt head of the toy forward. He kept pushing, twisting and thrusting, and Wufei could feel every bump suddenly stretch him, sink inside him with time enough to draw a single shaking breath before the next pressed tight, always slightly bigger than the one before it.

Hands stroked him as he writhed, and he tried to beg for them to stop, to let him come, to give him more. It was too much, too full, and still not enough; he thrust desperately into Trowa’s mouth, a harsh curse turning to a whimper on his lips when Duo twisted the toy and it rubbed against the perfect spot inside him.

He barely heard Quatre’s harshly whispered, “Now,” before violent pleasure burst along his nerves, stealing his vision and tearing a scream from his throat.


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