Craving You

Heero/Duo. NC-17. ~400 words. AU. Supernatural.
It was like suddenly falling.

Duo groaned, long and low in his throat. Hands, familiar and rough, held him pressed to the cool sheets. The dim lighting wavered fitfully, candle flames jerking in time with his heartbeat. He heard it, felt it pound in his chest and in his brain as blood, heated and electric, flowed through his veins.

Sharp teeth pressed against his skin. A low breath, the swipe of tongue, and the pressure firmed. Pressed harder until he felt what had built and built finally break. It was like suddenly falling, feeing the ground vanish from beneath your feet with nothing to hold you back. His breathing hitched, stuttered for a moment and stumbled. Warmth rushed past his lips in a sigh.

Heero pulled back, mouth reddened from Duo’s kisses. With eyes gone heavy and unfocused, he saw Heero touch the tip of his tongue to fang and felt the shudder of pleasure. There was a heated tickle at his throat; Duo raised his hand and pressed fingertips to his neck. They came away wet and glistening dark. The metallic sent of blood slid through the air, seductive to Heero like precious little else.

Swallowing hard, Duo lifted his hand again, pressed the pads of his fingers against Heero’s parted lips. Hands gripping his sides tightened, dug into him as he felt the rough warmth of Heero’s tongue against his skin. Duo could feel him quiver with the need for more than that teasing sample, but still, Heero held himself back.

Duo reached for his neck again, swiped fingers along the wound. Gaze held by Heero’s, he painted a faint line down the centre of his chest. Heero bent low, a groan forced from his throat as he followed the trail with his tongue, heated and insistent.

He followed the red path that Duo laid out for him, dragging lips across the other’s navel, his hip, the soft skin of his inner thigh. Duo watched him, waiting and forcing Heero’s endurance to the limit.

And then he pressed fingers to his own lips, tasted the hint of bittersweet copper that was his blood. Heero buried his hands in Duo’s hair, held his head still and took his mouth. Darkness and heat pressed against Duo’s senses, demanding and perfect like the vampire’s kiss. Helplessly willing, he fell.


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