Devil’s Plaything

Greed/Envy. PG. ~150 words.
Bright, sunny days always did make him feel restless.

Envy perched on the weather-worn stones, legs crossed and arm slung lazily across them. Bright, sunny days always did make him feel restless, and he never knew why.

He tilted his head back, stolen glasses dangling from his lips, and squinted at the cheerful sky. Dante would have to give him something to do sooner or later, or he’d make his own fun. She learned early on exactly how inconvenient that could be. For his part, Envy stuck to his story: Greed had been the one to start it. He’d just finished it.

A smile curved his lips, the kind of smile that sent chills down a man’s spine and mothers scurrying with babies tightly clutched. One thing Greed was always good for, was a bit of fun.

Envy hopped off the wall, sliding on the small, shaded glasses as he strolled down the country path, and whistled a happy little tune he’d heard long before he could remember.


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