Games to Play

Reno/Reeve. R. 300 words.
Reeve smells a little like the inside of a reactor, machines and mako.

Reno slaps a hand on the polished table, leaning in close. Reeve smells a little like the inside of a reactor, machines and mako.

“Yo,” he says. Reeve’s pen keeps scratching away like he’s hoping Reno’ll lose interest. “How’s it goin’ out there in the brush?”

“They’re resting,” Reeve says. He reaches for a thick folder, hesitating when he has to wind his arm under Reno’s to get it. “North of Gongaga.”

“Yeah?” Reno sets his other hand to the table, trapping Reeve between them. His mouth is close to Reeve’s ear, warm breaths wafting over his lips. “How’re you liking playing the good guy, Reeve? Hear you helped ‘em out of a tight spot down there in the prison.”

“What do you want, Reno?” Reeve says, dropping his pen and turning halfway around. Reno can practically hear the hard beat of his pulse. “I’m not–”

“Not what?” Reno jams a foot on the chair’s base and shoves it up against the table. “You’re not gonna give it up for me again?” Grabbing Reeve’s wrists, Reno wrenches his arms back, holds them pinned behind the chair. “Maybe I’m here lookin’ for something a little different this time.”

Reeve tenses, muscles trembling with the need to fight him off. Reno grins. It’s one of the best parts about getting Reeve riled up. The guy’s always trying so hard to be good.

“Maybe this time I’m gonna get you to bend me over this table,” Reno says. “You gonna fuck me good and hard if I ask pretty, Reeve? Fill me up with that nice cock of yours?”

Reeve jerks from the scrape of Reno’s teeth. He’s not fighting as hard as he should and he’s got to know it.

Reno’s always figured not saying no is close enough to yes.


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