Give In

Heero/Wufei. R. ~200 words. Rough sex.
Say it.

Wufei hit solid metal with a grunt and the sharp clang of bone against steel. His eyes widened for a split-second, narrowing again when burning blue met furious black. A hand almost too strong to be real gripped his throat, forcing his head back and ruining his attempts at regaining his breath.

“Try it again,” Heero growled, kicking Wufei’s legs further apart to unbalance him. His body settled firmly over Wufei’s, bending him over the secured workbench.

Bracing his arms, teeth clenched tight, Wufei heaved back against him, the elbow aimed at Heero’s jaw glancing off a quickly-turned shoulder. He shoved again, both of them tumbling off the low table. Wufei kicked and rolled, free for less than a heartbeat before Heero’s weight bore him face-first to the unyielding bay floor.

Sharp teeth scraped his skin, breath heavy in his ear. “Say it,” Heero demanded, one hand fisted tightly in Wufei’s hair.

Wufei wet his lips, swallowing the groan building in his throat as Heero tugged roughly at the neck of his shirt, biting hard at the crook of his neck.

“Say it,” Heero repeated.

He heard the sound of his clothes rip, felt hot breath and slick, wet tongue against his naked shoulder. “Fuck me,” he managed, before Heero forced the rough groan from him.


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  1. TJ Says:

    *fans self* I love seeing these two together, so fierce and hot, and you’re such a tease for just writing this much… XD

    thanks so much for sharing ! <3

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