Inhuman Monsters

Envy/Kimberly. PG-13. ~300 words. Noncon.
Greed will never leave him alone.

The bastards still annoyed the fuck right out of him. Damn army never changed, no matter what Archer said. Fully reinstated with a leash around his neck. The first chance he got, he’d blow the-

“What the hell?” Kimberly hissed, rounding the corner and stopping short.

Greed, supposedly very dead, relaxed under the light of a fizzling lamp. He lifted a hand, grinning his shark’s grin. “Hey.”

Kimberly didn’t answer right away, adrenaline exploding into his battered system. He’d already lost one fight that night, because of that stupid snake, he wouldn’t win this one. “You just missed Martel,” he said, grappling with this new information. Something had gone wrong.

Greed responded with a shrug, pushed away from the lamppost and sauntered closer. Kimberly held his ground, muscles tense with the need to lash out or run. Neither option would accomplish much of anything.

He met Greed’s eyes, shock running through his system with a jolt when he didn’t see the familiar burning want in them. Abruptly, Greed’s grin vanished, mutated into a malicious, eager leer. A bright flash of light blinded Kimberly, made him stumble back.

Wild dark hair whipped in the wind. Recognition flashed through Kimberly like lightning, a second before a solid kick connected with his stomach, stealing his breath and knocking him flat.

Envy crouched over him, smiling like a child on his birthday. He caught Kimberly’s hand in an iron grip, twisting his wrist carelessly to see the array tattooed there. Pain radiated down his arm, and his fist clenched.

“It’s because of you he’s dead,” Envy said conversationally, prying Kimberly’s fingers apart. “You got to see his face before he died.” He tilted his head to the side, looking curiously at the dark ink, and suddenly licked it.

Kimberly bucked and twisted, the fact of Greed’s death hardly a comfort at the moment. His shoulders slammed back against the ground and Envy’s arm pressed to his throat, just shy of cutting off his air.

“And I’m jealous,” he purred into Kimberly’s mouth.


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