Quatre/Wufei. G. ~300 words. Humour.
Wufei calmly ducked a flying pillow.

Wufei calmly ducked a flying pillow.

“Where did that damn thing go?!” Quatre shouted, tossing another projectile Wufei’s way.

Taking a half-step to the side and letting the couch cushion bounce harmlessly off the wall, Wufei said, “I’m sure she’ll turn up sooner or later.”

“You don’t understand,” was Quatre’s muffled reply, as his head was currently stuffed as far into the couch as he could manage. “She’s young. She could be-” He abruptly stood straight up again, his hair stuck out at odd angles and graced with a tiny piece of fluff. “Dear god, she could be trapped somewhere!”

“I’m fairly certain she’s not, since we don’t seem to be hearing any screeching yowls of alarm….”

“You’re right; we’re not. She could be in the attic. Or outside. Or….”

“Either way, I doubt she’s in the couch,” Wufei continued mildly.

“…right.” Quatre had the decency to look sheepish.

“You could ask Maxwell. He’s been playing with Jinkies most of the morning.”

Quatre snickered. “I don’t know what’s better – the mental image of Duo playing with a Doberman named Jinkies, or you being the one who owns him.”

“…watch it, Winner,” Wufei said with a scowl. “You’re the one with a currently missing kitten named Scooby.”

There was a long pause before Quatre said, “If your dog ate my kitten, we’re going to have a problem here.”

“Quatre. Jinkies is a sulk. If Scooby hissed at him, he’d probably run and hide under a bush…and what are you smiling at?”

Quatre was sitting back on the one remaining couch cushion, grinning like the loon he usually was. “I just love listening to you say those names over and over again.”

“That’s the last time I let you bunch name my pet.”

“You’re the one that lost the poker game.”

“…shut up.”


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