Life and Everything Else in Between

Heero/Duo. PG. ~150 words. Humour.
Heero, Duo and normal life.



“Did you take out the garbage?”

“…hell. Wasn’t it your turn?”

“No. I did the laundry. That would be why you’re not wearing any underwear.”

“You shrunk my favourite boxers, man. And how’d you know I’m not wearing underwear?”

“You forgot to do it last week, remember? The dresser is empty.”

“Damn it. Heero?”


“How’d you shrink the laundry?”

“I… have no idea.”

“Blame the dryer.”

“Exactly. I’ve never shrunk it before.”

“This normal life shit sucks.”

“…our tax forms are due next week.”

“Jesus! Taxes! Who the hell knows how to do taxes?”

“I’m pretty sure I can handle that.”

“Just like you handled the laundry, huh?”

“Damn it, I’ve done laundry before and that hasn’t happened.”

“Welcome to our planet, Mr. Yuy, where you too can randomly screw up.”

“It sucks.”

“Yup. Fun, though.”


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