Lines in the Sand

Reno/Tseng. PG. 500 words.
Reno quite obviously doesn’t deal well with being ignored.

Distantly, Tseng is aware of the cheering crowds and brassy fanfare. From the pleased smile on Rufus’s face, he imagines the banners snap smartly in the sea breeze, and the rows of marching soldiers are as neat and tidy as the spacious minimalism of Rufus’s office.

Reno slumps in Rufus’s high-backed chair, the only man brazen enough to assume he has, if not the right, then the charm to deflect Rufus’s inevitable annoyance.

But, Tseng reminds himself, Rufus’s attention is far away from Reno and his wandering fingers.

The third time Rufus merely bats Reno’s hand aside with not even a hint of a frown, Tseng sighs. Reno isn’t well suited to the role of a bodyguard, despite his considerable talents. While Rufus normally enjoys having Reno close at hand — something that he insists upon with more and more frequency — Reno quite obviously doesn’t deal well with being ignored in favour of the parade.

Reno heaves himself to his feet and stuffs his hands in his pockets. “Bored outta my skull,” he mutters, slumping against the wall nearest Tseng. “You want some coffee?”

“You’re on duty,” Tseng reminds him.

Reno’s foot thumps against the wall. “Shit. He don’t need both of us here. You babysit the boss, I’ll go get us some grub.”

Tseng flicks a quick glance Rufus’s way, pausing long enough to thank gods he doesn’t believe in that Rufus is still absorbed in the spectacle below. “I don’t need to remind you of the rules, Reno,” he says.

“Yeah, yeah. You said no fucking on duty, either, and the boss just steamrolled right over you on that one,” Reno replies, a grin plastered across his face that Tseng can only deem shit-eating.

“Regardless,” Tseng says. As annoyed as he is with Rufus’s tendency to overturn procedure on a whim, he has to admit that Reno does much to keep Rufus from becoming the complete tyrant he’d promised to be. “You’ll not leave your post while you’re guarding the President.”

“Even if he got me all worked up before the parade, and didn’t do a damn thing about it, so I wanna go jerk off?”

It’s so very Reno, so typically Rufus with Reno, that Tseng has to smile. He doesn’t doubt for a moment it happened exactly as Reno claims. “Even if.”

Reno’s eyes brighten. “Guess that means I’ll kick back and do it right here,” he says. “You wanna give me a hand?”

It’s not the first time, nor certainly will it be the last, that Reno’s propositioned him. Reno’s tone is light, playful, expecting a refusal equally so.

It’s not the first time Tseng has considered saying yes, either, and not simply because he’s curious to see Reno’s reaction. Given an inch, Reno’s the type to take a mile. In this, he’s as predictable as the tide.

“If I were to fuck you, Reno, I’d prefer the comfort of my bedroom,” Tseng says, and has the satisfaction of watching Reno’s cheeks flush, his mouth drop open like an invitation but make no sound. “A rushed, sloppy handjob here would hardly be satisfying.”

“Figures you’re a tease,” Reno mutters, shamelessly adjusting his dick. His tongue flickers out, wetting his lips, and he leans closer, doing so much more than merely invading Tseng’s personal space to whisper, “Bet it’d be really fucking messy. So good.”

“You’re most likely right,” Tseng agrees, letting his lips brush Reno’s. “But I doubt you’ll find out today.”

In the window, Rufus watches their reflections. Though he can’t see it, Tseng knows Rufus’s eyes are no less bright than Reno’s.


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  1. remote45 Says:

    LOL! That was awesome! I love how you interact the characters.
    “I doubt you’ll find out today”!!!! absolutely perfect!

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