Maybe Tomorrow

Greed/Kimberly. PG. 300 words.
Taking chances made life worth living.

Greed kicked back on the worn green couch, feet on the lopsided table and head resting on the cushions. This could get very complicated, very fast. Not that complicated was a problem. Time-consuming, sure, but he’d taken the lesson of patience straight to heart. He closed his eyes, and planned.

“You actually sleep?” Kimberly said from the stairwell, voice loud enough to wake him if he’d been bothered to nap.

Greed turned, eyes opening to tiny slits. They stared at each other for less than a minute before Kimberly got bored and started prowling through the semi-darkness.

“Tch.” Greed closed his eyes again and tried ignoring the racket of bottles and glasses being shoved haphazardly around.

Kimberly wasn’t patient, wasn’t interested in late night chats, and would probably attempt to blow up the Nest if he suggested something pleasant to pass the time. Another five minutes, and if he hadn’t quieted down, Greed planned on paying Martel a visit.

One minute before the deadline, he felt Kimberly standing in front of him, and opened his eyes to see a glass filled to the brim with drink and ice right in front of his nose. He took it, holding it in the same place, and regarded it doubtfully.

“Not going to blow up in my face, is it?” he asked. With Kimberly, it was a valid question. Expected, even.

Kimberly’s lips curved into a smirk that said everything at once and nothing at all. “Maybe not today,” he said, inviting himself to sit beside Greed.

The jolt of surprise was quick and delightfully painless. Kimberly’s surprises tended to be of the slightly more blood-spilling variety. With a grin, Greed slung an arm around his alchemist’s shoulders and tipped the glass in salute. After all, taking chances made life worth living.


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