Monday’s Child

Envy/Lust. PG. ~500 words. Pastfic.

Tongues of flame flickered as Lust set the candelabra on a low table. Beyond the high window, noonday skies darkened with the oncoming storm. Wisps of fog ghosted through damp leaves cast in shades of grey.

“You hate him that much,” Lust said. He stepped behind Envy, stroked hands gloved in starless black over slender hips. “You should forget him just as he has forgotten you,” he murmured, and watched the reflection of pale gold eyes narrow.

“No,” Envy hissed, hands fisted at his sides. Fingers combed through his hair, drew light blond strands back to show their father’s face staring back at them. Deliberately, he unclenched his fists, let slow caresses ease his temper. “No,” he repeated. “Not yet.”

Lust shrugged his shoulders, graceful in his indifference as he was in everything, and said, “As you wish.” His hands drifted down to touch lingering scars of humanity. A voice meant to make wicked promises whispered soft words in Envy’s ear. “Nothing should distract the eye from its pleasure. Scars are for soldiers, inks for barbarians.”

Envy lifted his arms above his head, lean muscle rippling under warm skin. He closed his eyes, head falling back as he took a breath he didn’t need. It still felt strange, unnatural as the life beating through his veins. Light sluiced down his naked body and left the familiar tingle in its wake.

“Women and men alike should be beautiful,” Lust told him. “Wide mouths invite kisses, full lips tease to be bitten.”

His lips parted under Lust’s touch, the flare of light as his features shifted as quick as a gasp. Heat pressed against his back, and he let arms hold him, hands explore his new body as he created it. A body that was no one’s but his.

“Innocence is charming, but you’re far from innocent,” he continued, tipping Envy’s face up, forcing him to pay attention or risk abandonment. Lust had no time for people more enamoured of themselves than of him. “Bright, wide eyes don’t suit you. Think of Ishvar. Xing.”

The gold of his eyes darkened to rich brown, the angle of his cheekbones sharpened to accommodate their narrower shape. Lust murmured approval of the memory Envy brought to life, and spoke with uncharacteristic eagerness. “Long hair, thick and warm and spilling like silk over greedy hands. Black,” he added after a moment’s pause. “Cruelty is an exotic darkness.”

Envy brushed Lust’s hands away, grabbed the mirror’s frame and stared at himself. “It’s still not right,” he insisted. His knuckles turned bloodless white. “It’s not right.”

“For a human, you’re beautiful,” Lust said. One after the other, talons lightly scratched flesh, brought Envy’s breath in a gasp and raised welts on his skin. Lust leaned forward, let fitful candlelight fall bright across his face. “But you’re not human.”

Envy looked into glittering purple eyes flecked with shards of red stone. The brown of his own eyes melted to gold, then faded to nothing as their true colour surfaced. Lifting his gaze, he watched his perfect lie smile.

“I’m a monster,” his reflection whispered to him.


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