On Silk

Quatre/Wufei/Relena. NC-17. ~200 words.
Bare skin sleeked with pleasure glowed in the lamplight.

Soft breaths and quiet moans, the whisper of naked bodies on tangled cotton sheets. Bare skin sleeked with pleasure glowed in the lamplight. Quatre’s pale fingers tangled in the thick blackness of Wufei’s hair, his weight pressed Wufei into the mattress and his teeth raised the red marks marring the smooth line of Wufei’s neck.

She clung to the doorhandle, back flat against the heavy wood she couldn’t remember closing. She heard Wufei groan, Quatre’s hand pushing his leg up, sliding from knee to hip over the firm muscles of his thigh and the tight curve of his ass. She heard herself echo the sound, Quatre’s eyes on her face as his hand vanished from sight, as Wufei groaned again, strong, slender arms raised above his head and clutching at the headboard. His back arched and Quatre shifted, showing her long, pale fingers sliding slowly into him.

It was rare to see them like this, Quatre’s easy smiles never hinting at the dark seduction that lingered on his lips, the wary awareness in Wufei’s eyes replaced by dazed pleasure, heavy-lidded with greedy want. Her breathing grew as shallow as his, her body tight and damp as if Quatre touched her with those teasing hands.

Quatre rolled to the side, dragged the backs of slick fingers over Wufei’s flat stomach. She felt dark eyes turn to her, saw the slow, lazy swipe of tongue against lips red and swollen from hard kisses. Quatre’s hand wrapped firmly around Wufei’s cock, stroked slow enough to make him moan in frustration.

She barely heard Quatre’s murmured invitation, barely remembered helping him strip off her clothing. She let his hands guide her slim fingers between Wufei’s legs, into the tight heat of his body.

She watched him writhe for her.


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  1. TJ Says:

    just…. so erotic and hot… XD I will never look at Quatre and Wufei AND Relena the same way again… XD

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