Duo/Wufei. PG. ~200 words. Wufei POV. Humour.
Come on, you have to live a little.

He’s rummaging around down there, and I’m not entirely certain I’m going to appreciate the results. Little muttered curses and explanations reach my ears every so often, and those are doing nothing to ease my mind.

“…god damn…fucking………..where the Jesus did I put that – wait, no…nevermind….”

There, you see? He’s at it again. I’d wager that if he were doing this to you, you’d be as concerned as I am. Suddenly his head pops up and I let out a hissing breath.

“Wufei, man. Relax. Come on, you have to live a little!”

“I am relaxed.”

“No, you’re not. I can tell.” He taps a finger against his temple. “I’m smart like that.”

I barely resist the urge to roll my eyes. “Would you just get back to it?”

He does roll his eyes at me, turning back to the box to dig out some other instrument of torture, specially designed to drive me insane.

I look back down at the remains of my bike, a pitiful skeleton with the guts of it spread across his garage floor like just so many spare parts. And I offer up a little prayer, hoping that he’ll have it back together soon, and that I’ll survive the ride once he does.


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