Paid in Full

Turks/Rufus. NC-17. 200 words.
Rufus watches them work.

Shinra, the man with the tattoo said, his eyes bright with terror, panicked because he couldn’t feel his legs. He’d drawn the knife and Reno’d broken his spine. Shinra paid us.

The words replay over and over again.

He begged for a potion, screamed and spilled his guts when Reno jabbed him in the neck with the stun baton. He’d seen what it’d done to one of the others, the woman’s body still twitching long after she’d died.

Rude said, Could’ve been paid to lie.

You think this shithead had the balls for that? Reno countered.

The man whimpered, pitifully reaching for help he wouldn’t receive. They ignored him, spoke as if he was nothing, already dead. Argued over whose turn it was to call Tseng with the bad news.

Rufus watched them, palms damp inside his leather gloves, his chest tight. At his feet, the bodies of his father’s thugs grew cold.

It’s barely a half hour later. Rufus is naked on his knees between them. The sweet ache of Rude’s first thrust sets his nerves to humming as Reno’s cock fills his mouth, stretches his jaw wide.

He’s thinking of their first kills for him when he groans.


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