Envy/Ed. PG-13. 150 words. Dubcon.
The sort of fear when you’re afraid of yourself.

Fear flashed in off-gold eyes; from sleep to fury like the quick snap of bone. He liked how Ed struggled.

The back of a slender finger stroked Ed’s jaw, cruelly gentle. “Shush,” he breathed.

Nostrils flared, short, furious breaths warm against the hand that clamped like iron over Ed’s mouth. Fingertips dug in, left white marks that lingered and promised to bruise delicate human skin.

“You think I’m going to kill you,” he murmured, his voice soft in the darkness.

Ed tensed under him, ready to fight. Just waiting for a chance. One simple touch, the deliberately lazy slide of a hand between Ed’s legs, and everything changed. From rage to disbelief, to denial, to that perfect sort of fear when you’re more afraid of yourself than the monster under your bed.

“But not tonight,” Envy said, and relished the hate so like his own that simmered behind pleasure-blurred eyes.


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