Wufei/Heero. R. ~350 words. Bondage.
Leather rested heavy and tight against his neck.

Leather rested heavy and tight against his neck. With every breath, every swallowed moan, it pressed tighter, never letting him forget. Hands, warm and self-assured, trailed along his arm, sought the black cuff circling his wrist. He heard the quiet clinking of steel as mouth replaced fingertips, as hot, deliberate breaths sent shivers racing down his spine. He caught a groan in his throat, felt the leather collar shift and force the sound from his lips.

The slow, wet drag of tongue along the crook of his elbow rewarded him, drew another sound that couldn’t be silenced. Long fingers stroked the palm of his hand, lifted his arm as teeth scraped higher against softer skin. He waited for the warm swipe of tongue to follow, waited and felt teeth instead and the hard pressure of being marked once again.

He dropped his head back, panting shallowly for breath. He’d lost track of time long ago, lost count of how long he’d been teased, how often slow caresses suddenly turned rougher, more urgent, torturing him with the promise of release until muscles quivered and he could almost taste it; and without warning everything came to a screeching halt, left him hard and wanting, and began all over again. He spit curses, snarled and thrashed against the chains holding him; he’d been so sure that time. So very sure.

Lips brushed his ear, breathed soft laughter tainted with the edge of almost sadistic pleasure. He had a choice, he didn’t have to feel the weight of leather and steel on his flesh. But he made his choice, and let choice be taken. He wondered when he’d lost the ability to say no, and when he’d finally admit he hadn’t really had a choice since the first time.

Sleek black hair brushed his cheek. He caught the flash of dark eyes, of sharp white teeth behind that teasing smile. Fingertips stroked the small round bruise on his hip those teeth had left. His own fingers touched his lips and one whispered word made him remember it didn’t matter.



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