Rule Number One

Rude/Reno(Rufus). NC-17. 800 words.
Because Rude’s got two.

The meeting just ran too fucking long. Reno’d snuck off to grab fresh coffee and snacks over an hour ago, and they’d already been in there the entire morning.

So, Reno figures it’s not his fault. It’s not like there’s a hell of a lot to do on the 69th floor when the boss is chewing out one of the Department Heads and doesn’t want an audience.

Reno’s always kinda liked this floor, anyway.

Rude slaps a hand down on the desk and lets Reno take almost all of his weight. Reno lets out a hard grunt, fingers scrabbling across the polished top looking for a handhold. Each thrust feels like it’s harder than the last, Rude’s balls slapping up against Reno’s ass and driving moans straight up from the pit of his stomach.

“Fuck, Rude,” Reno gasps, and he might’ve told Rude to back off a bit and let him breathe, for fuck’s sake, if it didn’t feel so damn good. “Shit, yeah. Just like that.”

Rude’s other hand is fisted tight in the back of Reno’s jacket, holding it hiked up to his shoulders. “I thought you were gonna try to keep it quiet, partner.”

When Rude slows down, Reno lets out a filthy string of curses that’d have his momma spinning in her grave. This wasn’t even his idea to begin with. He’d been fully prepared to die of boredom when Rude had slid this sexy little smile his way and suggested they kill some time.

Which wasn’t like Rude at all, because Rude’s got two rules: don’t fuck on the job, and if you’re gonna fuck on the job, don’t do it somewhere asking to get caught.

Shoving Reno down on the secretary’s desk and pounding his ass right then and there sorta seems like Rude’s asking to get caught.

“What the fuck are you doing?” Reno hisses, straining up on his toes trying to find a good angle to start fucking himself on Rude’s cock, if Rude’s gonna be stingy about it. “C’mon, fuck. Shit. Son of a bitch, Rude.”

If Rude’s got issues with making his partner shoot all over the boss’s itinerary, Reno doesn’t want to hear about it until after they’re done.

Reno’s earpiece crackles to life, startling him out of another hissed curse. His stomach makes one slow, lazy roll when Rufus’s smooth voice flows right into his ear, “I wouldn’t think you’d be in such a hurry to finish.”

Reno’s hasty, “Boss,” is dragged out on a low moan when Rude pulls back and slides in again, thick cock rubbing in all the right places. “What the-”

“Let me see his ass when you’re done,” Rufus says, and Reno doesn’t need to hear the next part to know Rufus isn’t talking to him. “Hold him down so I can watch your come dripping out of his pretty little hole.”

“Son of a bitch,” Reno repeats, losing every last scrap of breath when Rude goes right back to slamming him into the wood. “Rude, you asshole, I’m gonna — fuck.”

“You’re not enjoying yourself?” Rufus asks. Reno’s got a smartass answer ready, but doesn’t get a chance to say it once Rude’s got one of those big hands clamped around his dick. “All this trouble to indulge your exhibitionist streak, and no thanks?”

Reno’s sure he manages to call at least one of them a bastard before he’s too busy blowing his load. He’s gonna claim it’s Rude jerking him off that did him in, not finding out that somewhere, Rufus’s got a hand on his own cock watching Rude fuck him.

Rude holds off long enough for Reno’s head to clear a little, then his partner’s losing it too, tugging on his dick to have him clamping down and feeling every single fucking twitch as Rude fills him up.

Rude pulls out almost right away, sticky strings of come hitting Reno’s thigh right before Rude’s wet cock presses up snug to his hip. Reno has time to suck in one deep breath, and then thick, strong fingers are up his ass instead, spreading wide to hold him open.

Reno’s nails scratch the mahogany finish, carve tiny dents in the wood. Over the earpiece, Reno catches the hitch in Rufus’s breath, a short pause before the low moan Rufus makes as he comes.

“Give him a kiss for me, Rude,” Rufus says, his breaths controlled but ragged at the edges.

Rude rumbles something that sounds a lot like, “No problem, boss,” making Reno’s stomach quiver when he fists his other hand in Reno’s hair.

Rude’s goatee is rough on Reno’s cheek, familiar like the smell of Rude’s skin and the way Rude’s tongue flicks at his parted lips. Eager for it, he lets Rude kiss him as hard as Rufus wants.


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