Duo/Heero. R. ~200 words. Crossdressing.
Dyed blue.

Heero sprawled in the deep chair, facing his reflection and eyes on the thin blue silk stretched tight over his groin. One finger traced the lacy elastic, slipping underneath to rub skin. Lips parted with a soft breath, the side of his thumb grazing over hard flesh. Slick precome stained the material dark.

He shifted, spreading his legs wider, one hand flat on his stomach as the other explored. Down the side of his cock, fingertips drawing random lines and circles on his sac, back up to where the flared ridge showed through the soft silk. Thigh muscles tensed and relaxed with sudden need.

Giving in, he cupped himself in his palm, soft blue showing between slowly spreading fingers. He sunk lower in the chair, hips almost to the edge, arched into his own touch. Hooking his legs over the chair’s padded arms, he tugged the silk between his legs aside, fingertips eagerly stroking smooth, hairless skin.

Hands touched his shoulders, knuckles stroking gently across his collarbones. Darkened eyes met his in the mirror before dropping down.

“Don’t stop,” Duo whispered.


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