Something Wicked

Envy/Ed. R. ~200 words. Noncon.
Envy smiled, twisted pleasure gleaming in inhuman eyes.

Fingers ran lightly over his lips, painting them slick red with his own blood. He struggled against the arm thrown almost lazily across his chest, still uselessly trying to kick off the homunculus straddling him. A tongue flicked over his mouth, quick and wet, and he couldn’t stop his shudder.

Envy smiled, twisted pleasure gleaming in inhuman eyes. “I like you like this.” He licked his fingertip and trailed it slowly down one smooth cheek, following the path of grudging pain.

Ed jerked his head away, snarling a curse. Cruel fingers caught his jaw, forcing him back and his mouth wide. His eyes glistened with impotent rage, shame spilling hot over his skin, dampening the hair at his temples.

Leering, Envy shoved his fingers between swollen lips. “He was right, you know. Before you killed him for us?” He leaned close, breathed in Ed’s short, angry breaths, savouring the taste, the way muscles quivered and strained under him. “Greed said you had a mouth built for sucking cock,” he whispered, and slid his tongue in beside his fingers.


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