Staring at the Sun

FMA. Gen. R. ~300 words.
Kill a man and you are a murderer.

[ kill a man and you are a murderer ]

Ed stares at the red blood spread dark and damning across the intricate lines of the array. Endless minutes pass as he waits for Greed to reform. The air stinks of death. His voice is raw from screaming.

Over and over again, the night replays itself in his mind. Steel slicing too easily through flesh, severing muscle and tendon, grating against bone. Greed wasn’t human, wasn’t supposed to die. Watching light fade from violet irises wasn’t supposed to remind him of staring into his mother’s dead eyes.

His face is tight with dried tears. Dawn comes, and his eyes burn.

[ kill millions and you are a conqueror ]

Roy stands on the wide podium, the snap of war banners and the roaring crowd loud in his ears. The colours are bright and cheerful, triumphant celebration for the end of a successful campaign.

He still sees stark desert sand instead of bright flowers, ravenous flames devouring wood and flesh and leaving nothing but ash to scatter in the wind. The sun is suddenly too harsh, too dazzling.

Dimly, he hears the Fuehrer shout his name. Somehow, his legs carry him forward, hold him steady as a hand solidly claps him on the shoulder. Bradley smiles into his haunted eyes.

[ kill everyone and you are a god ]

Dante watches the shining curtain of brilliant pink light. The centre is white, pure white, almost too intense to look at. Behind her, the faithful gasp, murmur in shocked amazement. The baby cries.

It’s a long time before the brightness fades. Her skin tingles with an eagerness she hasn’t felt in decades. She imagines the beautiful sparkle of the Stone, the thrum of energy she’ll feel when she finally holds it in her hands once again.

Sharp desert wind carries the scent of her perfume away. She smiles, dark eyes glittering with a hunger only the truly soulless would understand.


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