character:duo maxwell


Duo/Wufei. PG. ~200 words. Wufei POV. Humour. Come on, you have to live a little.

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Craving You

Heero/Duo. NC-17. ~400 words. AU. Supernatural. It was like suddenly falling.

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Life and Everything Else in Between

Heero/Duo. PG. ~150 words. Humour. Heero, Duo and normal life.

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Blurry Moon: drowning blue

Heero/Duo/Quatre. NC-17. ~1100 words. Quatre POV. AU. Supernatural. For Stacy.

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Timing is Everything

Trowa/Duo. PG-13. ~150 words. Impatience is catching.

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Black Widow

Wufei/Duo. PG-13. ~200 words. Crossdressing. There’s a ripple in the air, tangible, sweet to breathe.

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Tough Love

Wufei. G. 150 words. Humour. There it sat, innocent and sweet as cotton candy.

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Quatre/Duo. ~250 words. Futurefic. Who you gonna trust?

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Duo/Heero. R. ~200 words. Crossdressing. Dyed blue.

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Falling Sideways

Heero/Duo. PG. ~13, 000 words. AU. Highschool. Fluff. Everyone thinks Heero and Duo are more than just friends. Tired of the false accusations, they decide to give everyone something to really talk about.

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Black Black Heart

Duo/Heero. NC-17. ~1600 words. Heero POV. Noncon. Laying in the dark at night, you wonder why you do the things you do.

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Duo. R. ~1400 words. Religious themes. Violence. Shinigami emerges.


Illuminate (a Sabintha Story)

Heero/Duo. NC-17. ~4300 words. Voyeurism. Futurefic. Heero and Duo have managed to evade Sabintha’s cameras. …they thought.

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Heero/Duo. NC-17. ~4400 words. Spanking. Violence. For Sharon. Mission (mostly) successful. Residual adrenaline is put to good use.

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Duo. G. ~2500 words. Pastfic. A look at what could have been for two young boys.


Love Replica

Duo/Wufei. R. ~1000 words. Duo POV. AU. Supernatural. For okaasan. Every last breath was mine to claim no matter how they died.

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Dance with the Demons

Duo/Wufei, Duo/Trowa, Quatre/Trowa, Quatre/Wufei, Heero/Duo. ~105, 000 words. NC-17. AU. Supernatural. Gore. Polyamory. Violence. Duo Maxwell stands on one side of the line, against the demons of his world. But he finds that line quickly blurring as events drag him deeper into the darker side of his life.

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Play My Game

Heero/Duo. NC-17. ~13, 000 words. AU. Duo goes searching for something more in life, and finds a bit more than he can handle.

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Blurry Moon

Duo/Heero. NC-17. ~40, 000 words. Heero POV. AU. Supernatural. Heero is content with his life, but the heated night contains something he doesn’t understand and what he thinks he doesn’t want.

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Labyrinth (or a Somewhat Reasonable Facsimile Thereof)

Heero/Duo. PG. ~25,000 words. AU. Crossover. Humour. The Mighty Mighty Gundam Wing Art Players present… Labyrinth! For the most part.

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Once Bitten (Twice Shy)

Quatre/Duo. NC-17. ~37, 000 words. Duo POV. AU. Supernatural. Duo sticks his hand under the bed and finds out the monsters are real.

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