character:edward elric

Alive to Every Smile

Ed/Al. G. ~100 words. Al POV. Angst. Sometimes, I get so hungry.

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Only Natural

Ed/Al. R. ~500 words. Shota. Incest. For Sera. The first time, Al squeaked in shocked protest, cheeks flushing dark red with shame.

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Better Things

Envy/Ed. PG. ~200 words. Dubcon. Caught in the act.

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Ed/Roy. R. ~100 words. Dubious consent. Somehow, it felt less wrong if he was never the one to start it.

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Something Wicked

Envy/Ed. R. ~200 words. Noncon. Envy smiled, twisted pleasure gleaming in inhuman eyes.

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Dreams for the Waking

Ed/Al. G. ~200 words. Futurefic. He’s different from what I remember.

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Welcome Home

Envy/Ed. G. ~350 words. Alternative timeline. Dubcon. People change; Envy doesn’t.

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Straight Up

Ed/Roy. PG. ~300 words. Ed’s grown up fast.

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Envy/Ed. PG-13. 150 words. Dubcon. The sort of fear when you’re afraid of yourself.

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Staring at the Sun

FMA. Gen. R. ~300 words. Kill a man and you are a murderer.

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Greed/Ed. PG-13. 100 words. Angst. They weren’t human, weren’t people.

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