character:jared padalecki

Everyday Feels Like Sunday

Jeff/Jared/Jensen. NC-17. ~7700 words. Fisting. There’s something in hearing Jensen answer the door, welcoming Jeff into their house that makes his heartbeat skip.

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Lesson One

Jeff/Jared. PG. ~300 words. “So,” Jeff said, folding his arms on the door. “I hear you’re driving.”

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Seventeen Dirty Magazines

Jensen/Jared. NC-17. ~3200 words. But really, when he thinks about it, Jensen’s not sure how the hell Jared does it.

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and if i don’t make it known

Jensen/Jared. NC-17. ~6600 words. Jensen has the feeling that confronted with Jared’s endless stream of remarkably unsubtle innuendo, Dean would do one of three things.

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