character:wufei chang


Duo/Wufei. PG. ~200 words. Wufei POV. Humour. Come on, you have to live a little.

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Quatre/Wufei. G. ~300 words. Humour. Wufei calmly ducked a flying pillow.

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Wufei/Heero. R. ~350 words. Bondage. Leather rested heavy and tight against his neck.

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Black Widow

Wufei/Duo. PG-13. ~200 words. Crossdressing. There’s a ripple in the air, tangible, sweet to breathe.

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Biding Time

Wufei/Trowa. NC-17. ~300 words. A smile played at the corners of his lips, smug and self-satisfied.

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Well Deserved

Treize/Zechs/Wufei, Wufei/Heero. R. 300 words. Bondage. D/s. Violence. Co-authored with Ponderosa. Wufei is well-behaved on the surface.

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Give In

Heero/Wufei. R. ~200 words. Rough sex. Say it.

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Tough Love

Wufei. G. 150 words. Humour. There it sat, innocent and sweet as cotton candy.

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Wufei/Heero. R. 100 words. Rough sex. Wufei breathes words hot and heavy into his ear.

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Wufei/Trowa. NC-17. ~2800 words. AU. Supernatural. Trowa finds someone on Halloween night, and loses himself.

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Trowa/Wufei. PG-13. ~600 words. Humour. Futurefic. Trowa has a little problem with Wufei’s lunch habits.

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Zechs/Wufei. NC-17. ~4600 words. Snowballing. Violence. Futurefic. During routine training, Wufei encounters a glitch of a different kind.

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Heero/Wufei/Zechs. NC-17. ~6200 words. Bondage. Futurefic. For Stacy. Zechs is drawn into a close circle of friends, with results he hadn’t anticipated.

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Zechs/Wufei. G. ~700 words. Futurefic. Watching the quiet dawn.

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Wufei. G. ~500 words. Wufei POV. Futurefic. Flowers struggle to grow on the ravaged earth.


Love Replica

Duo/Wufei. R. ~1000 words. Duo POV. AU. Supernatural. For okaasan. Every last breath was mine to claim no matter how they died.

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Dance with the Demons

Duo/Wufei, Duo/Trowa, Quatre/Trowa, Quatre/Wufei, Heero/Duo. ~105, 000 words. NC-17. AU. Supernatural. Gore. Polyamory. Violence. Duo Maxwell stands on one side of the line, against the demons of his world. But he finds that line quickly blurring as events drag him deeper into the darker side of his life.

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Labyrinth (or a Somewhat Reasonable Facsimile Thereof)

Heero/Duo. PG. ~25,000 words. AU. Crossover. Humour. The Mighty Mighty Gundam Wing Art Players present… Labyrinth! For the most part.

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