character:zolf j kimberly


Kimberly/Roy. PG. ~100 words. Kimberly’s rougher than he remembers.

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Carved Into Skin

Greed/Kimberly. R. ~100 words. He lets Greed fuck him one last time.

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Maybe Tomorrow

Greed/Kimberly. PG. 300 words. Taking chances made life worth living.

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Inhuman Monsters

Envy/Kimberly. PG-13. ~300 words. Noncon. Greed will never leave him alone.

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Between Sleep and Waking

Greed/Kimberly. PG. ~250 words. It could have almost fooled him into thinking Greed was human.

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All I Know

Kimberly/Al. PG. 100 words. Alternative timeline. A man with yellow, hungry eyes.

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Envy/Kimberly. PG. ~200 words. Noncon. The last thing of Greed’s still breathing.

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A Word Away

Kimberly/Roy. PG-13. 100 words. Dubcon. Roy’s breaths are quick and shallow.

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War in Me

Kimberly/Roy. PG-13. ~150 words. Other men turn to drink to drown their guilty sorrows.

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Drug of Choice

Kimberly/Roy. NC-17. ~3600 words. Noncon (drugged victim). Object insertion. Co-authored with Ponderosa. For weeks, he’s been careful to keep his opinion of Kimberly to himself.

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What Lies Lurk in Kisses

Greed/Kimberly. PG to NC-17. ~8500 words. So perfectly human.

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Bunker Shy

Kimberly/Roy. NC-17. ~2400 words. Dubcon. Co-authored with Ponderosa. Roy had taken the fixture closest to the corner, the join of two walls an illusion of privacy, of safety, and, like so many other things, a prison of his own making.

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