dubious consent

Bunker Shy

Kimberly/Roy. NC-17. ~2400 words. Dubcon. Co-authored with Ponderosa. Roy had taken the fixture closest to the corner, the join of two walls an illusion of privacy, of safety, and, like so many other things, a prison of his own making.

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Ways & Means

Rufus/Reno/Rude. NC-17. ~2500 words. Dubcon. It would be easy for Reno to lie.

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The Way It’s Gonna Go

Turks/Rufus. NC-17. ~9000 words. Dubcon. For Laylah. The thing is, Reno doesn’t have a hell of a lot of respect for anything.

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Nothing Better

Seifer/Squall. NC-17. ~1800 words. Dubcon. He hates how Seifer’s always asking him questions they both already know the answers to.

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Devil in the Details

Yuber/Albert. NC-17. ~4800 words. Dubcon. The thrill of a demon breathing down his neck.

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