Greed/Envy. R. ~300 words. Violent sex. Because he always wanted it.

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The Hand That Feeds You

Greed/Envy. G. ~150 words. Possessive fingers stroked Envy’s bare skin.

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Devil’s Plaything

Greed/Envy. PG. ~150 words. Bright, sunny days always did make him feel restless.

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Envy/Kimberly. PG. ~200 words. Noncon. The last thing of Greed’s still breathing.

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Perfecting Loneliness

Greed/Envy. NC-17. 700 words. Pastfic. Artwork by Ponderosa. If he spoke, Greed would listen.

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Dead Men Have No Friends

Greed/Envy. NC-17. ~3200 words. Bloodplay. Felching. Gore. Violent sex. Co-authored with Ponderosa. Greedy, greedy. Pick one!

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Breathe In, Breathe Out

Greed/Envy. R. ~2400 words. Reverse timeline. Pastfic. Co-authored with Ponderosa. People die from wanting too much.

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All Things in Time

Greed/Envy. NC-17. ~3700 words. Greed POV. Pastfic. Artwork by Pinstripesuit. You watched and you waited, and never told me what you waited for.

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The Difference Between

Greed/Envy. NC-17. ~5000 words. Dubcon. Pastfic. What could you have possibly done that’s worse than everything else you already have?

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And Darling

Greed/Envy. NC-17. ~3800 words. Pastfic. Artwork by Pinstripesuit. Everyone’s greedy for something.

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Nothing to Prove

Greed/Envy. R. ~2600 words. Pastfic. Greed’s houses were always the same, chaotic and too-full, jammed to the rafters with things he didn’t need.

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Times Change

Greed/Envy. NC-17. ~4200 words. Violent sex. Envy never gets what he wants.

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