pairing:wufei chang/duo maxwell

Black Widow

Wufei/Duo. PG-13. ~200 words. Crossdressing. There’s a ripple in the air, tangible, sweet to breathe.

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Love Replica

Duo/Wufei. R. ~1000 words. Duo POV. AU. Supernatural. For okaasan. Every last breath was mine to claim no matter how they died.

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Dance with the Demons

Duo/Wufei, Duo/Trowa, Quatre/Trowa, Quatre/Wufei, Heero/Duo. ~105, 000 words. NC-17. AU. Supernatural. Gore. Polyamory. Violence. Duo Maxwell stands on one side of the line, against the demons of his world. But he finds that line quickly blurring as events drag him deeper into the darker side of his life.

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