The Way It’s Gonna Go

Turks/Rufus. NC-17. ~9000 words. Dubcon. For Laylah.
The thing is, Reno doesn’t have a hell of a lot of respect for anything.

Reno kicks back and lights up a cig.

The place isn’t looking too shabby considering old man Shinra bled all over the carpet a couple days ago. There’s a hell of a lot more white, and that giant fishtank bubbling away along one wall is brand new. The desk is new, too, sleek and functional, but the chairs are still the deep, comfy black leather Reno’s always liked.

Tseng’s by the windows, rattling off a string of something that’d make sense if Reno bothered to pay attention. Rude’s got one elbow propped up on his chair’s arm, chin in his hand. He’s listening, mostly, because if he was having a nap he’d be slumped a bit more to the side and making that little huffing noise he does when he’s sleeping.

Reno’s busy watching Rufus, who’s busy tapping his fingers on the desk, with his lips pressed in a thin, hard line. Whatever Tseng’s telling him, it’s not what he wants to hear.

Seems Rufus’s been running into that problem a lot lately.

Rufus is big on change. Reno figures there’s a few things lying around that could stand a spit-shine, maybe a kick in the ass or two, but there’s just some stuff you don’t fuck with.

Tseng says something about Sephiroth. Rufus says something back. Tseng shakes his head and Rufus looks like he’s going to flip his shit. Reno doesn’t much care what happens next, though. He gets to his feet, blows a thin stream of smoke out of the corner of his mouth.

“Yo, partner.”

Rude’s eyebrow goes up that fraction of an inch that says Reno’s got his attention.

“You got the time?”

Rude makes a low considering sound that usually means yes.

Reno’s got Rufus’s attention now, too, because Rufus is the kind of guy who gets pissed off when he thinks someone might maybe be disrespecting him. Could be that he’s just not too sure about his power base — with good reason, too — or could be that he’s just an ass.

The thing is, Reno doesn’t have a hell of a lot of respect for anything, except maybe a really ticked off chocobo or an ex with a machine gun and a long string of bullets.

“We got to talking the other day,” Reno says, sauntering around the desk to hitch a hip on the edge close to Rufus. “Your old man kinda kept you out of the loop, and we figure before you start handing out orders, there’re a few things you gotta get straight.”

Up close, Rufus’s eyes are a brilliant ice blue, probably looking a good bit brighter because now he’s really fuming. Reminds Reno of a cat with its fur rubbed the wrong way.

Reno plops a foot on Rufus’s chair just to see if he’ll start foaming at the mouth.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” Rufus says, and Reno’s got to give him credit for keeping his voice even. He manages to stay in the chair, too, which is something considering he looks like he wants to strangle Reno with his bare hands.

Reno smirks and knocks ash from his cig onto a pile of papers.

Rufus glances at Tseng, like he can’t believe what’s going on right in front of his face, or like he expects Tseng to do something. And if he keeps making mistakes like that, he won’t be hanging around for long.

Before Rufus can go for the shotgun Reno knows is under the desk, Rude hits him with a slow. There’s just enough time for Rufus’s eyes to flash wide and then he’s slumping back in the chair, face gone slack and limbs loose.

Slow feels a lot like being dumped in a vat of syrup, except it nails your brain, not your body. Reno gets a kick out of it.

“See, here’s the way it goes.” Reno takes a short drag and sits up on the desk. “We’ll be your goons, loyal like that fucking ugly dog you had, but we figure you gotta toss us a bone first. That rule with fear shit just ain’t gonna cut it.”

Rufus’s eyes are clouded, which makes it a little hard to read what he’s thinking, but it’s not like what he’s thinking will change the way this is going to go. Mostly, Reno just likes how he looks right now. It’s like a little teaser before the show.

Rufus says, “You–”

“Asshole?” Reno grins. “C’mon, don’t go looking at Tseng. He wants a piece of that pretty white ass as much as we do.”

The first thing that slogs its way across Rufus’s face is fury, but the fear’s not too far behind. It’s more like disbelief, though, and Reno figures he can’t really blame the guy. Rufus plunked himself down in daddy’s chair thinking the world was his, and for the most part, he was right.

“Yeah, I know. You don’t like dick. But I like dick just fine, and more importantly, I like the thought of seeing your ass split wide open on his,” Reno says, and jerks a thumb over his shoulder at Rude.

Rufus sucks in a slow breath, and Reno tilts his head expectantly. They’ve got another good ten minutes before that slow wears off, so if Rufus wants to talk a little more, he’s okay with that.

The slur that comes out of Rufus’s mouth sounds a hell of a lot like a death threat, and while Reno’s got to admit he’s starting to like the guy, there’s still the whole issue at hand to deal with.

Reno snubs out his cig and glances at Tseng. “You want to kick back and let us warm him up for you, boss? If that ass of his really hasn’t been pounded before, the first cock I want up there is Rude’s.”

“Sounds good,” Rude says, and Reno tosses a grin back at him, just catching the white flash of his teeth.

Tseng helps himself to Reno’s abandoned chair. “As long as the show is worth the wait,” he says, and he’s got this little smile that’s about one twitch away from a smirk.

“Hell, yeah, it’ll be worth it.” Reno slides off the desk and jerks his head at Rude. “C’mon, partner. You hold him up, I’ll strip him down.”

Rufus shakes his head, working on getting to his feet before Rude gets too close. From the way he’s still trying to talk, Reno figures he’s never been put under before. Slow doesn’t leave much opportunity to multitask.

Reno catches Rufus’s wrists and pins them to the chair’s arms. He’s a little surprised Rufus isn’t as bird-boned as he looks, and while it takes him a few tries, Rufus manages to make a fist and almost wrenches free.

“You shaking that slow off already? Shit, not bad.” Reno leans in like he’s going to give Rufus a kiss — not such a bad idea, Rufus’s got a pretty mouth, and if Reno’s planning on getting his cock in there, might as well get his tongue, too — but he just smiles instead. “If I ask nicely, you gonna tell me you’ve never sucked dick before, too?”

Rufus’s eyes narrow and he spits a curse. Reno’s thinking about nailing him with another dose but Rude’s there, arms under Rufus’s armpits to lift him to his feet. Rufus struggles, but it’s sluggish like his speech, so it’s easy for Rude to wrench his arms behind his back and hold them there.

Rufus’s got his daddy’s glare.

Reno thumbs a button on Rufus’s overcoat, giving him the same smile a chick gets right before Reno’s got a few fingers up her ass. “Bet you’ve got a pretty little hole,” he says, managing to undo a few buttons before the whole works pisses him off and he rips the rest open. “Fuck, how many damn layers do you need?”

The corner of Rufus’s lip curls, and the look on his face could be smug except Reno doesn’t figure he’s that dumb.

Reno fishes a switchblade out of his back pocket, snapping it open with the same easy flick of his wrist that opens up his baton. “Not gonna talk to me anymore, huh?” he says, tugging the black turtleneck taut at the hem to slice it right up the centre. He slows down when he gets close to the collar, twisting his wrist so the edge of the blade is resting against skin. “Not even when I’ve got a knife at your throat?”

Rufus’s nostrils flare and his eyes narrow down. Reno adds a little more pressure to the threat and still gets nothing. He’s got to appreciate a good set of balls, but right now, Rufus is just fucking with his plan.

“Hold him,” Reno says, and gets a firm grip on Rufus’s chin. He can feel the sharp edges of teeth through the thin skin of Rufus’s cheeks, so he squeezes a little more just to make sure it hurts. “This is the kinda shit you pay me for, baby. You think one little nasty stare’s gonna get you outta this?”

Rufus’s breath hisses as Reno shoves his head back, exposes the line of his throat to finish the cut. The material gapes wide, pale skin showing bright against the thin slivers of black. Reno takes a minute to look before laying the flat of the blade to Rufus’s lips, and lets his fingertips drift down, following the thin trail of hair low on Rufus’s belly.

“Doesn’t look like he’s a skinny little shit under all that, partner,” Reno says, flicking a glance Rude’s way while tucking the switchblade back into his pocket. “Maybe he’ll surprise us and have a nice thick cock, too.”

Rufus looks like he wants to say something, but he’s still off-balance enough that he doesn’t try. Reno guesses the best he’d come up with at this point would be some sarcastic insult that’d just fall flat. It’s usually the way it goes when someone’s trying to strike a nerve with Reno — most people figure he gives a shit.

“If you’d stop screwing around and get him naked, we’d find out,” Rude says, and helps things along by kicking Rufus’s legs farther apart.

Reno gives Rude a wide grin, thumbing the button open on Rufus’s slacks but leaving the zip alone. “Screwing around’s the best damn part,” he says, and then, to Tseng, “You mind?”

Tseng gestures for him to go ahead. “Be my guest. The point is, after all, to make it a memorable experience.”

“There, see?” Reno says. “You just gotta learn to keep your dick in your pants, partner.”

Rude makes a grumbling noise that Reno usually takes to mean he should shut up and get back to work.

“What d’you think?” Reno says, cupping Rufus’s cock to see if he’s got any interest at all. He’s still baby soft, but that’s not surprising. Rude’s probably wrenching his shoulders right out of the sockets. “You want me to quit fooling around and just get my fingers up your ass?”

Reno squeezes hard, just once, getting a nice satisfying grunt out of Rufus before tugging his pants open. Instead of shoving them down, Reno gets in nice and close, taking his sweet time getting to the good part. Much as Rufus ticks him off, the guy’s still pretty damn easy on the eyes, and Reno’s never really been that picky, anyway.

Mouth at Rufus’s ear, Reno’s murmurs, “You’re the type that’s really gonna hate getting off on this, huh?” Rufus’s cock is limp in his hand, warm, and when he stretches his fingers out to brush Rufus’s balls, he just has to look down. “Fuck, he shaves it bare.” Reno pushes his balls up, other hand shoving his clothes out of the way as Rude leans forward to look down over Rufus’s shoulder. “You shave your fucking ass, too?” Reno says, pushing his fingers between Rufus’s legs to feel for himself. “Shit, he’s a princess. What about your legs, you do those?”

Rufus’s knee comes up, aimed right for Reno’s dick, easy enough to block. Not the smartest thing to do when someone’s got a handful of the goods, but aside from a few inevitable aches, a couple bumps and bruises, Reno’s not really planning on hurting him. He lets out a low whistle and says, “Now that’s just not playing nice. You want to hit him up again, partner? He looks pretty when he’s out of it.”

There’s a tiny ripple in the air before Rufus’s muscles go slack again, and Reno’s looking at his eyes when they slide out of focus. He’s not all dead weight in Rude’s arms but he’s damn close to it. Reno splays a hand over his heart to measure the sluggish beats.

“See what happens when you’re a jerk?” Reno says, getting both hands on Rufus’s hips, fingers slid under those loose pants to push them down. The hair on Rufus’s legs is as light as the rest, sparse little prickles against his palms. “Think I’m disappointed in you, baby. Didn’t have time this morning or what?”

Reno gives him time to answer if he wants, but he doesn’t say anything. After getting a good look at his face, Reno figures the double dose was enough to knock Rufus right back on his ass. Even a tug on his dick doesn’t get much more besides a heavy breath, but it’s not so soft in Reno’s hand now.

“Maybe we should get him up first.” Reno glances up at Rude, back down again to watch Rufus get thicker. “See what he looks like right before he’s about to lose it.”

“You just want to suck his dick, partner,” Rude says, and it’s not so much an accusation as a friendly little jibe.

“Wouldn’t mind,” Reno says. Rufus’s not cut, and that suits Reno just fine — little bit of skin to play with never went astray. Right now, though, he wants to get a good look, so he tugs the foreskin back, rubs a dry fingertip around the slit to get a shiver out of Rufus. “Be a damn good way to fuck him up. Call me crazy, partner, but I figure he’s the kinda guy who hates being told no.”

Rude lets go of Rufus’s arms for a second, and he sways on his feet. Reno thinks he might try something, but Rude clamps a hand over his wrist, then gets an arm around him, pulling back so he’s plastered against Rude’s chest with his arms pinned to his sides.

“Fuck, that’s hot.” Reno gets in close again, hand still on Rufus’s cock, the other coming up to grip his jaw. “You gonna give me a kiss this time? ‘Cause I’m thinking we want your pretty mouth stuffed full of his cock before you get it up the ass.”

Rufus’s head jerks, and Reno’s got to give him credit for trying, even if it’s a waste of energy. Between those two hits of slow and them, Rufus doesn’t stand much of a chance.

Reno licks at Rufus’s lips, and Rufus makes this angry sound like he’ll bite Reno’s tongue off if it gets anywhere near him again. That’s just the kind of thing that makes Reno do half the stuff he does, though, so Reno ends up digging his fingers into bone until Rufus’s mouth opens, and then he’s got his tongue in there about as far as it’ll go.

Rufus starts struggling again, tongue working like he’s trying to spit. Reno lets him go, clamps a hand over his mouth instead. His breaths are short, hot little puffs shunted over the back of Reno’s hand. Reno grins.

“So you want cock, not kisses. No problem.” Reno lays a little smacking kiss against the back of his hand and leans closer to Rude. “You’ll give me a kiss, won’t you, partner?” he says, and moves his thumb and finger just enough to pinch Rufus’s nose shut.

Rude doesn’t answer, just leans in and gives him one of those bone-melting kisses he does so well. There’s a familiar scratch from Rude’s goatee, and the edge of Rude’s teeth scrape his tongue when Rufus starts thrashing around trying to breathe.

Reno gives Rude one last lick and turns back to Rufus with a smirk. His eyes are wide, and go wider again when Reno shoves his head against Rude’s shoulder, pinning him there. Reno waits a bit longer before letting him go.

“Next time,” Reno says, stroking a thumb along Rufus’s cheekbone while he gasps, “just give me a kiss, yeah?”

“Fuck you,” is what Reno thinks Rufus says.

“Yo, let him go.” Reno jerks Rufus around, shoves him face-first up against Rude. Stripping off his coat and the ruined shirt, Reno says, “Gonna get a good look at his ass, first. See if it’s as pretty as the rest of him.”

Rude looks down at Rufus like he’s thinking about getting straight to the fucking, and it’s a lot like the look he’s got when someone’s about to end up knocked out flat on the floor. The clothes hit the carpet with a thump right when Reno gets his hands on Rufus’s cheeks, spreading him open to get a nice long look at his hole.

“Fuck, partner,” Reno says, dragging a fingertip from the tail end of Rufus’s spine straight down the cleft. “Looks like he’s good and tight.”

“Yeah?” Rude says, and wraps an arm tight around Rufus to pin his arms down to his sides. He gets a good grip on one wrist again before palming one cheek, thick fingers moving in close to Reno’s.

“C’mon, you feel that?” Reno kicks Rufus’s legs wide again, grabs a handful of hair to make sure he’s looking at Rude. Rufus makes a few more pissed off noises low in his throat, and he’s practically vibrating trying to get his body to do what he wants. It’ll just make things easier if he wears himself out fighting that spell. They can just hit him with another one, anyway.

“Shit, can’t fucking wait to see him on your cock,” Reno says, and he’s getting a little distracted because Rude’s fingers are rubbing at that tight hole right alongside his. “Just want to get one finger up there, see if it makes him squirm.”

Rude’s going to get a taste of it first, and that’s why Reno figures he doesn’t complain, just gets a good handful of Rufus’s ass like he’s going to haul the guy right up on his toes. Reno leans back, gets the other cheek out of the way so he’s got a damn good view of that hole opening up.

Rufus’s making noise like he’s getting more than half a finger up his ass, clamping down hard enough that Reno’s pretty sure he’s never even had someone look at his hole before, let alone stuff something in it.

Reno pulls out, watching the pink bit of flesh close up tight. ‘I’d say relax, baby,” he says, spitting on his fingers to make it easier since he’s planning on getting more than a fingertip in there this time, “but I kinda like it when you don’t.”

The muscles in Rufus’s legs snap taut when Reno pushes back in, and it sounds like he’s trying to call Reno down. Reno crooks the finger buried in his ass to shut him up, and does it again just because that noise Rufus made sounded so nice.

“He’s so goddamn tight, Rude, you’re gonna fucking love him.” Reno licks at the line of Rufus’s jaw, tasting a hint of salt. He wasn’t planning on wasting any time with fingerfucking just yet, but he figures why give up on a good thing, especially when Rufus’s mouth is hanging open and Rude’s looking at it like it’s an invitation.

“Yeah. Right,” Reno says, giving Rufus one last hard thrust before backing off. “Plenty of time to play with his ass later.” He gives it a pat and a fond little stroke before stepping back. “Get him to his knees, partner.”

Rude’s good at what he does, so he’s got Rufus flipped around and kissing carpet, arms pinned, before the guy’s got a chance to yelp. Not that Reno thinks Rufus will be nice and vocal about this without some help first. Reno crouches down, hands on Rufus’s face to get him looking up again. “Hey, baby. You gonna be good, get your mouth open nice and wide for me?”

Rufus bares his teeth in a snarl, giving Reno a damn good idea what he thinks about that. Much as Reno wants to see those lips bruised and glistening wet, he doesn’t want to sacrifice his dick to get it.

“Boss, you wanna c’mere and give us a hand?” There’s the sound of Tseng getting to his feet, and Reno glances up soon as he’s close enough. “Just hold him down while I convince him he really wants Rude to fuck his face.”

“An appropriate gag would have been more useful,” Tseng says in that tone he uses for when Reno’s doing a good job but could do better. Still, he gestures Rude out of the way, drops easily to his knees and grabs both of Rufus’s wrists to haul the guy’s arms back hard.

“Yeah, yeah. I don’t got the kinky toys you do, boss. Besides, he looks good like this.” Reno runs a finger along the strained line of Rufus’s shoulder, up his throat to his mouth. “We can dress him up next time.” He waves a hand at Rude. “Get over here, let him watch me get that big cock of yours out for him.”

Rude’s got this look like he knows Reno’s milking this for all it’s worth. Reno just grins back and reaches for Rude’s zip, slides a hand in and tugs his dick out. He’s already hard, head slicked wet, probably from all that squirming Rufus did.

Rufus’s making noise again, sounds halfway between disgusted and panicked, and while Reno’s pretty sure that doesn’t bother any of them, Tseng still puts a stop to it. He wrenches Rufus back and clamps a hand around his throat, long fingers looking darker against Rufus’s near-white skin. It’s a lot like how it looks when he’s got ahold of Reno.

“Grab him by the hair instead,” Reno says, straightening up and moving behind Rude. Reaching around, he gets one hand on Rude’s cock, the other working at belt and buttons to show Rufus the whole package. “Yank his head back.”

Rufus lets out another grunt, short and cut off halfway like he’s not going to give them the satisfaction.

“Look, baby, I’ll even give you a choice,” Reno says, and about the only reason he thought of it is he doesn’t want those teeth making mincemeat out of Rude’s cock, either. He takes his time jerking Rude off, letting Rufus sweat. “You open wide and suck,” and there’s not much choice there, because Rufus’s mouth is already hanging open from the way Tseng’s got his head hauled back, “or I’ll get my stun baton in there first and you can chew on that.” Rude gets a hand on his own dick as Reno rubs the tip right beside Rufus’s mouth, leaving behind a nice slick trail. “I’ll let you know once you’re choking on it if I’m gonna turn it on or not.”

Rufus might figure Reno’s bluffing, because there’s a damn good chance that’ll kill him. With the way things have been going, though, Rufus would be just stupid to take the chance. One good look at his face tells Reno he knows it.

“Thought you’d see it my way, baby. Now get that little pink tongue out.”

Rufus hesitates, but a second later his tongue’s rolling out over his bottom lip, and it’s the fucking hottest thing Reno’s seen in months. His dick’s going to be just one big ache before long, so it’s a good thing he’s got plenty to keep him occupied.

Rude’s tense like he knows Reno’s not going to let Rufus have it all at once. Reno grins. His partner knows him real well.

Reno rubs the head of Rude’s dick over Rufus’s tongue, and the guy jerks like it burns. Tseng’s got a good hold on his hair, though, so it doesn’t do him much good.

“You really don’t want this shoved down your throat, do you, baby?” Reno touches Rude’s hip to get him to move, and he lets Reno start fucking Rufus’s mouth shallowly with his cock even though it’s got to be torture. “Maybe I’ll just jerk him off instead, get him to shoot a nice thick load on your face.”

Rufus makes a gurgling sound in his throat when Reno jams a few fingers in his mouth, making sure his jaw stays wrenched wide open, and shoves Rude’s cock in there with them. It’s way too much for him to take, his lips stretched thin and shining, but there’s not much he can do with Tseng holding him. He can’t even thrash to get away this time, not with the slow still bogging him down. A bit of saliva gathers, spilling over his lip. Rufus can’t do anything about that, either.

Reno eases off, leaving Rude’s cock right where it is. “Make sure you give him lots of tongue,” he says, licking at rings in Rude’s ear. “He likes that.”

Rude takes the cue and starts thrusting, going a little deeper every few to make Rufus gag. Getting a hand on Rude’s balls, Reno plays with them for awhile, tugging to have Rude pumping harder into Rufus’s mouth, nice long strokes that make Rufus clench his eyes shut tight.

“He doing a good job on you, partner?” Reno asks.

“Not bad,” Rude says, one hand on top of Rufus’s head, the other covering Reno’s fingers on his balls. “Makes me think he’s sucked dick before, except he’s complaining so much.”

Reno takes hold of Rude’s dick, getting him to slow down and stop. It looks damn good watching his partner’s cock doing Rufus’s mouth like that, but he doesn’t want Rude to waste his load shooting it so soon.

“You thinking maybe he likes the way you taste more than he’s letting on?”

Reno looks down at Rufus. He’s panting for breath, mouth still open and fucked wet. His lips are thick, probably stinging from being shoved up against his teeth. Reno figured he’d spit first thing once Rude’s cock was out of his mouth, but it looks like Rude managed to fuck him up good. That much dick shoved deep and it’s no wonder.

“Maybe he likes it when you stretch his throat wide, partner,” Reno says, and Rude shows him again why they work so well together, pushing through the tunnel of Reno’s fingers to make Rufus take it almost right to the hilt. Rude stays there a minute while Rufus struggles, more spit leaking out of his mouth, and pulls back after Rufus gives them a pretty moan.

Reno says, “Could be he just likes getting in a mess,” and then he’s changing his mind about what he thought before, because Rufus taking a slap in the face from Rude’s dick is just plain the fucking hottest thing he’s ever seen. Reno bites his lip on a groan and does it again, and he’s got to squeeze his own cock to try to take some of the edge off.

“Fuck, c’mon. Bend him over the desk, let’s get his ass opened up.”

Rude glances over, buttoning up his pants but leaving his dick out.

“I’ll get his mouth after you’ve got your dick up his ass, partner,” Reno says. “Stuff him full from both ends.”

Tseng hauls Rufus stumbling up to his feet, half-dragging him over to pitch him face-first on the desk. Rufus hits it with a grunt, struggles to get back up again, but just ends up with Rude’s hand clamped on the back of his neck, holding him down.

“You’re not gonna watch this?” Reno asks, eyes on Tseng sitting himself down in Rufus’s chair.

“For now,” Tseng says, “I’d rather watch his face.” He reaches down, casually adjusts his cock before crossing his legs.

“We’ll make sure it’s good, boss,” Reno says. Tseng has a thing for watching, so Reno’s not surprised he’d like to see Rufus breaking down. There’d be time enough later for him to get an eyeful of Rufus stretched open, anyway.

Reno kneels behind Rufus since he wants a nice view, and pushes his legs wider with a hand on the inside of each thigh. Hanging between his legs, Rufus’s dick’s not as soft as Reno expected, either.

“I’m guessing you’ve probably fucked a guy before, yeah?” he says. “Bet you’d get off on making somebody kneel down and take it.” Reno presses his thumbs on either side of Rufus’s hole and pulls, smirking when muscle starts twitching, fighting the tiny stretch. “Not like your old man,” he goes on. “Wouldn’t go near nothing but cunt, afraid he’d get called a fag.”

Reno sticks a finger in his mouth, draws it out dripping wet. He’s taking his time again, rubbing Rufus’s hole shiny slick before twisting his wrist to push in.

Rufus lifts a leg to kick at him, but there’s no force behind it, and he quits it soon enough when Reno hooks his finger and pulls up.

“Are you planning on rimming him, Reno?” Tseng asks. Reno glances up, but his gaze is focused on Rufus’s face.

“Could,” Reno says, pushing deep and drawing back, impatient to have two fingers in there so he can pull Rufus open, get a glimpse of delicate pink flesh. “Think he’d like my tongue in his ass enough to give me a kiss after?”

Tseng doesn’t answer right away, so Reno spits on Rufus’s hole again and starts nudging a thumb in beside his finger. Rufus lets out a strangled groan, tightening up more, making it so fucking good when he can’t really fight and he’s forced to take it.

“I think he hates the idea of it,” Tseng says. He finally glances Reno’s way, and he’s got a look like the one Hojo gets when the cracked-out scientist is watching those things down in the stacks. “Do it.”

Reno bares his teeth in a grin and jerks his fingers free. “You got it, boss.”

Rufus starts to squirm at the first touch, his breath hissing. Reno flattens his tongue and drags it over Rufus’s hole again, pressing hard to feel muscle contract. It’s all smooth, right from crack to balls, and Reno’s got to admit that’s pretty damn hot, too.

Tseng said get it up his ass, though, so Reno shoves two fingers back inside him. Rufus lifts up right away, straining almost up to his toes, letting out a sound that could almost be a whimper if he didn’t strangle it halfway.

Rude glances down. “Is he really that tight, partner?”

“Fuck, yeah, he is.” Reno flicks his tongue around his fingers, separating them just enough to wiggle the tip between. “How loose you want him?”

“Surprise me,” Rude says.

Reno pulls free to stab his tongue inside before Rufus manages to tighten up again. Rufus fights it every time Reno slides his fingers in, muscles trembling under his palm, but it’s wearing Rufus down. Soon it’s just a twitch and a groan, and that’s when Reno figures it’s a good time to nail his prostate.

Rufus gasps a vicious curse, trying hard to twist away before Reno can do it again. Rude’s holding him down hard enough that his cheekbone’s got to be grating against the desk, but he doesn’t seem to care. Getting a handful of his dick, Reno crooks his fingers to press harder. This time, Rufus lets out a miserable groan when his cock jerks.

“Knew he’d hate that.” Reno wipes his mouth with the back of his hand. “C’mere, gimme your dick,” he says, already reaching for Rude’s. “Slick you up a little more for him.”

Rude’s teeth flash white, his hand dropping to the top of Reno’s head. Reno does a quick, sloppy job of it, because if he takes his time like he wants to, he’s going to be sucking until his jaw’s sore. Rude’s cock just fills his mouth up so good.

Reno swipes his tongue over the slit one last time before pursing his lips to spit on it and rubbing it right up against Rufus’s hole. “You want to hit him with another slow?”

“Not yet,” Tseng says. “He’s still easy enough to manage.”

“Right, boss,” Reno says. Tseng’s on his feet, hands around Rufus’s wrists to stretch the guy out over the desk, so Reno figures it doesn’t much matter. “Give it to him good, partner.”

Rude takes hold of Rufus’s hip, his hand huge and dark, and starts easing his way in. “Fuck, Reno,” he says through gritted teeth. “You loosen him up at all?”

Reno doesn’t answer, because Rude’s still going no matter how tight it is. Rufus’s up on his toes again, thrashing again because either the slow’s wearing off or it’s just too much or both. Reno fucking aches thinking about it, because he knows just how being split open by that cock feels, like it’s never going to stop, like it’s just too goddamn long and thick to take.

Reno’s tongue swipes over his lips. Rufus should be happy he’s getting it from behind. Riding Rude’s cock is enough to make anyone scream, and Rude’s always had a thing for making someone sit right on it.

“Fuck,” Reno says. Rufus is bucking against it, making this noise that’s not quite a scream, like if Rude doesn’t stop and stop right now he’s going to die. Wrenching his pants open, Reno gets a hand on his dick and starts jerking off, because if he doesn’t, he’s going to be down there begging for one of them to get a cock up his ass.

Rude puts a hand between Rufus’s shoulder blades, starts pulling back to thrust in again. Rufus manages to shut himself up but not for long, and the third or fourth thrust — the one that gets Rude buried in him almost to the balls — drives a cry right out of him that sounds like it started in the pit of his stomach.

“Oh, fuck yeah,” Reno breathes, biting on his lip. “What’s he look like, boss?”

“Eyes squeezed shut,” Tseng says, his voice rough. “Mouth open — he can’t seem to breathe.” He nods at Rufus’s hands gone white-knuckled on his arms, says, “Clutching at me as if he thinks I’ll make it stop.”

Rude’s still going slow, more long strokes that’ll make Rufus really feel the push and shove. Reno leans over and spits on his hole, spreading it around where he’s stretched wide. Flesh rubbed red clings to Rude’s cock, so Reno spits again to slick it up a little more.

Reno’s got lube in his pocket, just in case, but Rude’d said he’d like it to be a spitfuck the first time. No way Reno would ruin that for him.

Reno drops his hand down to tug at Rufus’s cock. “You like it, baby?” he says, not expecting an answer, and gets one in the shape of another wretched moan. Once Rufus gets ahold of himself, it’ll be back to spitting fire, but getting fucked up the ass for the first time ever by Rude’s like getting nailed by a truck.

“Really starting to shake that slow off now, huh?” Reno says, and hooks a foot around Rufus’s ankle, dragging his legs as wide as they’ll go. “Doesn’t matter much when you’ve got him up your ass, though.”

Tseng lets go of his wrists and Rufus tries to curl in on himself, reaching back like he could just wave Rude off. “Fuck his mouth now,” Tseng says. “Before it wears off completely.”

Reno’s got ahold of Rufus, tugging him back off the desk before Tseng even finishes. Rufus sways on his feet, still bent over because Rude doesn’t let him up, and clutches at the edge. He starts to crumple, but Rude’s hands clamp on his hips again, and Reno gets a grip on his hair, other hand on his shoulder.

“Suck me good, baby,” he says, sliding his hand up to grip Rufus’s chin once he’s pretty sure the guy’s not just going to fall. One of Rufus’s hands grabs at his thigh, probably just trying to steady himself, but it still sends an electric jolt straight to Reno’s dick. “C’mon, yeah. Fuck, get your mouth open.”

Reno almost blows it when he does, tongue out, pulling against the grip on his hair soon as Reno’s cock touches it. He makes a half-assed attempt at sucking, though with Rude really starting to pound him from behind, it ends up Reno’s just fucking his throat.

Rufus’s got his eyes shut tight still, his mouth a mess, precome mixed with spit slicked down his chin. He chokes on Reno’s cock a few times, nostrils flared and pinched white, and his hand slips from Reno’s thigh, snaps back fast enough that Reno knows the slow’s almost worn off. When Rufus’s knees start to buckle again, Rude nods at the floor, and they let him go, stepping back. Rufus crumples to the carpet in a heap.

“You think it’ll go easier on you if you start playing nice now?” Reno asks. He crouches down, gaze lingering on the thick length of Rude’s cock before looking at Rufus. “Told you, should have really given me that kiss.”

“Reno, Rude,” Tseng interrupts, pushing things aside on Rufus’s desk. “Spread him out, on his back.”

Reno gives Rude a look, and Rude just looks back. Shrugging, Reno says, “Sure, boss,” and hooks his arms under Rufus’s armpits to help Rude heave him back onto the desk. “What’s up?”

Tseng smiles and pulls a slim silver case from his jacket. “Make sure you hold him down.”

Rude gestures that he’ll take Rufus’s arms, so Reno hops up on the desk to sit on Rufus’s legs. “You’re killing me here, boss,” Reno says, hands running down Rufus’s thighs while he’s still trying to get his breath back.

Tseng lays the case on Rufus’s stomach, and it must be cold because Rufus hisses and his stomach hollows. There’s still a tiny bottle in Tseng’s other hand. “If you really want to know, Reno, come here and help me.”

Reno edges up, and Rufus jerks when he settles back down over his chest. “Think you better hit him again, partner, or I’m gonna end up with a knee in the back.”

“Not yet,” Tseng insists, and Reno gives him a doubtful look. Tseng shakes the bottle. “Hold one of his eyes open for me.”

“Fuck,” Reno says, slapping a hand down on the desk as Rufus nearly heaves him off. “Son of a bitch, you stay right the fuck where you are.” One hard slap to the face has Rufus stilling, but Reno doesn’t figure it’ll last long. “You sure about this, boss?”

“Yes,” Tseng says, and the look on his face has Reno shutting up.

Reno grabs onto Rufus’s jaw again, adding weight to it so the back of his skull grates against the desk. Rufus’s eyes are wild, snapping shut as soon as Reno reaches for one, but it’s a hell of a lot easier for Reno to pry it open than it is for Rufus to keep it shut.

“Fuck, stop,” Rufus rasps, trying to jerk free again when Tseng lightly touches his cheek.

There’s an eyedropper in Tseng’s hand, a clear droplet trembling at the tip. Reno’d thought that Rufus would try bargaining by now, but seems like he’s stalled in panic. Reno can’t blame him. The dropper’s making him a little squirmy, too.

Rufus opens his mouth again, but whatever he planned on saying is lost in a strangled scream when the drop hits his eye, and he’s bucking up off the desk again, wrenching his head out of Reno’s grip.

“What the fuck is that shit?” Reno says, but Tseng’s cutting him off, telling him to grab Rufus again. It’s a hell of a lot harder this time around, because there’s no way in hell Rufus is going to take it easy. Tseng gets the job done, though, and Rufus’s scream is just as loud the second time around.

It goes on for longer this time, too, but Rufus’s already pretty worn out, and it’s about half a minute later that he slumps back to the desk, chest heaving. His eyes are screwed shut tight and he’s trembling like he’s afraid to open them again.

“Now,” Tseng says, and for a minute, Reno’s not sure what he’s talking about, but seems like Rude is, because Rufus goes slack under Reno almost immediately.

Reno’s breath hisses out from between clenched teeth when Rufus’s eyes open.

The brilliant blue is gone, eaten up by a thin, black film. It starts fading out right away, either absorbed or evaporated Reno doesn’t know, but it’s creepy as fuck. He’s touching the side of Rufus’s face before he realises it, and Rufus shudders.

“What the fuck did you do, boss?” Reno says, and that’s when he doesn’t need an answer, because Rufus is turning towards the sound of his voice, eyes wide, staring blankly. His breathing’s heavier than it should be after a third dose of slow, and Reno thinks maybe that’s why Tseng had them wait — he’d probably be hyperventilating by now if it wasn’t fresh.

“What’d you blind him for?” Rude asks.

“It’s temporary,” Tseng says, and under Reno, Rufus tenses up. Reno gives him a little pat on the side that’s meant to be reassuring, but probably only makes things worse. “Move back, on his legs again if you want.”

Tseng picks up the silver case again, tucking the eyedrops back inside his jacket. In the case, there’s a gleaming line of surgical steel rods, each one a fraction thicker than the one before, hardly noticeable until you compared the first to the last.

Reno’s dick starts to ache for a whole different reason. “You’re gonna–” He flicks a glance at Rufus’s face, those now-sightless eyes, and hisses. “Fuck.”

Rude says, “Are you serious?” and the tone of his voice doesn’t do much to calm Rufus down.

“You did say you wanted every hole stuffed,” Tseng says, and slides the thinnest sound from the case. “Get your fingers in his ass again, Reno. Make certain he doesn’t lose interest.”

Reno gets out the lube this time, because Rufus’s already got to be sore, and if the guy’s going to end up with a steel rod shoved down his dick, Reno’s going to take pity on him.

Rude says, “Why not use a ring on him?”

Reno curves his fingers to find Rufus’s prostate again, and all that tight, clutching heat makes him wish they’d get back to the fucking. Then again, watching Tseng do Rufus’s dick with that will probably be worth more than the price of admission.

“Because I prefer him on edge this way,” Tseng says, and Reno tacks a few bastard points onto Tseng’s tally. Tseng takes a smaller bottle of lube from the case and slicks the rod with it, then the tip of Rufus’s dick right around the slit. “Rufus,” he says.

Rufus’s head swivels towards Tseng, his eyes darting left and right, eyelashes fluttering when Reno pushes a bit harder against his prostate.

Tseng takes hold of Rufus’s dick — he’s good and thick now, hard enough that Reno can imagine what it’d feel like being fucked by that cock — and tugs the foreskin down. “It would be best if you relaxed this time,” he says, in a way that would have Reno doing everything but, and puts the end of the sound right against Rufus’s slit. “Though it’s merely a suggestion.”

Tseng pushes, lightly, and Reno can’t take his eyes off that bit of metal. It looks like it just slides right in the first inch, but Rufus is more than tense, he’s strung so tight he’s quivering. Reno moves his fingers so it’s more than just pressure, a slick little glide with a shock of pleasure at the end.

Tseng gives him about two inches, and Rufus groans, his neck corded, his skin starting to shine with another layer of sweat.

“C’mon, baby,” Reno says, eyes skipping up just in time to catch Rude leaning down, tilting his head to give Rufus a slow kiss. Rufus doesn’t fight it this time, just lets Rude’s tongue trace his lips, dip between, lick at his teeth. Reno breathes out a low groan, spitting in his palm to slick his own dick up again.

Rufus’s spine bows as Tseng drags the sound back, pushes forward again, and this time he angles Rufus’s dick up more to give it one last little push and more than half the thing just slips right in. A drop thicker than precome wells up around it. Tseng touches it one more time and then there’s only about an inch left sticking out.

Rufus can’t keep quiet anymore, a steady stream of harsh breaths and ragged moans coming out of him. He can’t keep still, either, hips rocking fitfully, body twisting, and Reno’s not sure if he’s trying to get away or get more. When Tseng takes hold of the sound again, twists it, Rufus fucking howls.

Tseng lets go entirely, and Rufus’s cock rests against his belly, weighted down by the length of steel inside it. Reno licks his lips wet, reaching out to run a finger down Rufus’s dick. Rufus moans, and Reno flicks a glance up at Tseng before giving Rufus a slow tug. The noise he makes this time is high in his throat, knife-edged.

“Get your fucking legs up,” Reno says, shifting to kneel between Rufus’s legs and smearing lube over his cock. He gets a hand under Rufus’s thigh and shoves when it just takes too long. Out of the corner of one eye, Reno can see Tseng tugging his dick out.

Rufus shudders again, close to bent in half with the tip of the sound dragging against his stomach. His hole’s good and fucked, loose enough that Reno can just slide right in, buried balls-deep in slick heat so fucking good it feels like his eyes just want to roll back in his skull.

Reno jerks his chin at Rude, and Rude comes around to the other side of the desk, jerking himself off with one hand and sliding the other under Rufus’s knee. Tseng does the same for the other as Reno gets his hands under Rufus’s ass, lifts up so he can pound it good.

“There’re two cocks for you, baby,” Reno says. “Two fucking gorgeous cocks dripping wet waiting for you to stick your tongue out.” Rufus lifts his hands, and the sounds he’s making are as sweet as the wet slap of flesh into flesh. “That’s it, one for each hand. You’re gonna get a fucking face full of it.”

Rufus gets a hand on Tseng first, fumbling before he finds the right angle to jerk Tseng off. He’s clumsier with Rude — not so good with his right — so Rude wraps those thick fingers around his and helps him out.

Reno ends up changing his mind again, because that’s the fucking hottest thing ever, no goddamn questions asked.

There’s a ripple in the air, sudden string-snap of released tension, and just like that Rufus is trying to slam himself down on Reno’s cock. Another wave of energy has Rufus blinking madly, and then those dazed ice blue eyes are fixed right on Reno.

“Do them right, baby, c’mon. They’ll give it up for you.” Reno flicks a glance up at Rude, and Rude’s close, damn close. Opening his mouth, Rufus sticks his tongue out, gaze skipping from Reno to Tseng, over to Rude before his eyes flutter shut. It’s just in time, too, because the next second Rude’s cock is jerking in his hand and there’s a hot spatter of come striking Rufus’s cheek. “Yes, fuck, give him all you got, partner.”

Rufus turns his head, letting Rude shoot straight onto his tongue, and then he’s jerking again as Tseng’s load hits him on the other side. He lets loose with another ragged groan, turning again to get some of Tseng’s come mixing with Rude’s in his mouth.

“Swallow it,” Reno hisses, because he’s damn close to losing it right along with them. “Lick it off your lips and swallow it all down,” he says, and Rufus fucking does it, still not letting go of either of them, squeezing like he’s trying to milk every last drop free.

Reno tugs his dick out, hand working fast and furious to bring himself off. Rufus groans for him, eyes blinking open as that first splatter of come hits. There’s come on Rufus’s face, his throat, thick glistening strings of it painted on his dick, and he’s still moaning, cock jerking, and Reno can’t tell the difference between the come welling up around the sound or the stuff coming out of his own cock.

Rude’s the one who gets to the sound first, trailing his fingertips through the mess of Reno’s come to the tip, hooking the small loop to start pulling it free. Rufus’s fingers flex on Tseng’s dick, grip tightening enough to get a gasp out of him, and then there’s this answering shiver going through Rufus like he liked that a hell of a lot.

Reno leans forward, thinking he knows what his partner’s up to and eager as all fuck for it. He rubs his cock up against Rufus’s, and sure enough, Rude’s got that sound pressed to Rufus’s lips.

There’s this moment, this fucking gorgeous moment of anticipation, and then Rufus’s tongue is sliding out between his lips. He licks at the bit of metal, tasting himself on it, his own come and his own piss, and when Rude angles it down like he’s going to push it in, Rufus opens his mouth and lets him.

“Wipe that come off your face,” Reno says, and Rufus’s attention skips back to him. There’s something different in his eyes this time, something hot and dark that makes Reno hope they’ll get another chance to fuck him up. “Get your other hand down here, get this mess off my dick, too,” he says, and Rufus does, both hands covered thick with come.

“Finish yourself,” Tseng orders.

Rufus’s eyes flick his way, and Reno thinks that Rufus might start fighting again. But there’re still three of them — there’ll always be three of them — to his one. Rufus palms his balls in one come-covered hand, takes his cock gingerly in the other. His slit’s stretched, probably sore from the way his hand stutters on the first few strokes. He even goes to far as to play with himself a little, like he’s hoping it’ll earn him some brownie points.

His face when he comes is fucking beautiful, spiked-pleasure wracking his body in waves. Rufus drops to the desk in a boneless sprawl when it’s over, his eyes sliding shut and chest heaving. Reno’s the only one who’s got his hands on him now, resting light on his thighs, thumbs stroking in tiny circles on sweat-slick skin.

Tseng picks up the dropped sound, taking a folded bit of cloth out of the case and snapping it open to wipe the metal down. “Get a copter ready,” he says to Rude, and tucks the entire works away. “I’ll have the President’s secretary rearrange his schedule. Reno, stay here.”

“Yes, sir,” Reno says, lips quirked. He watches them tuck their dicks away, straighten their clothes, and then Rude’s snapping out his phone, moving off to one side while Tseng heads for the door.

Reno shuffles around, dangling his legs over the side of the desk with one of Rufus’s still in his lap. He takes a flask out of his jacket, gives it a little shake as Rufus rolls onto his side, and Rufus doesn’t try to shake Reno’s hand off when it lands on his thigh.

Reno takes a long pull from the flask before offering it to him. “Drink?”

“I could have the three of you killed for this,” he says, voice rasping, but he takes it. After all this, Reno can’t help but think that takes guts, a hell of a lot more guts than the empty threat does.

“You could try, yeah,” Reno agrees. He fishes around in his jacket for a pack of cigs and a lighter. “But you gotta think about it this way, boss,” he mumbles around his cig. “We’re the best damn thugs you’re ever gonna get. Been around the block more than once, you know.”

Reno puffs out a cloud of smoke, then another, glancing down to see if Rufus is listening. From the look on his face, Reno’s got his undivided attention.

“Next time,” Reno says with a grin, “we’ll play more friendly-like.”

Rufus barks out a laugh, takes another swift drink when it nearly sends him into a coughing fit. A shot or two of cure wouldn’t be so bad in a while, but they’ll let him deal with it for now.

Reno takes another drag and lets the smoke curl slowly out of his mouth. He’s waiting for Rufus to get up, or say something else. Maybe another threat, because Rufus is just too damn fussy to lay there naked and covered in come while Reno has a smoke.

What Rufus does, though, is reach out for the cig, lying back to take a drag. Through the grey smoke, he’s watching Reno, and Reno’s got to say, it’s the kind of look he doesn’t much mind at all.


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