Times Change

Greed/Envy. NC-17. ~4200 words. Violent sex.
Envy never gets what he wants.

and if you want me to, I’d love to ruin your life
there’s nothing else to do
start anew
ruin your life.

-Abandoned Pools

Envy hums to himself in the dark, a child’s nursery rhyme, tune simple and cheerful. He sits on the counter, one foot braced on the aged, scarred wood, an arm slung over his knee. A half-empty bottle of something dark and vile swings loosely in his fingertips.

Familiar footsteps echo on the second floor. He tilts his head to the side and dumps the rest of the stinking stuff onto the floor. “I know you’re here,” he says, voice a singsong whisper, and smashes the bottle in the pile of glass at his feet.

The stairs creak. Envy snatches another bottle made of cheap, thick glass as Greed says, rough with something like sleep and full of that curiosity he could never control, “What’s with the racket?”

“A clue to get your dick out of someone’s ass and get down here,” Envy says, and smiles. The bottle hits the floor, shattering just as violently loud as the rest.

Greed flinches, mutters, “You’ll wake up the whole place.”

His hair is spiked, stuck up in clumps like someone had grabbed two fistfuls of it and held him down. His shield is down – surprising, given how long the seal had kept it from him – and his feet are bare. Dark pants cling tight to his skin, so tight they could be his shield except he’s left them carelessly unbuttoned.

Even over the sharp smell of alcohol, he reeks of sex.

“Hello, Greed,” Envy says, and slings both arms around his knee.

Greed hesitates, eyes skipping from the wreckage in the middle of the room to the black shadows. Maybe the seal has changed him, finally stripped him of some of that infuriating cockiness if he’s looking for the help Envy didn’t bring.

Anyone else would’ve only gotten in Envy’s way.

“I’m touched you missed me enough to come all the way here,” Greed says. He yawns and stretches – so casual, as if meeting the last person he’d seen before that final brick had been laid didn’t bother him in the least – and strolls across the room. “Ready to finish that fight now, are you?”

Glass crunches under his feet, ribbons of blood trail in his footsteps. Envy winces with imagined pain. It’s not that Greed has something to prove, or that he’s dense enough not to care. He just doesn’t bother with acting human when he isn’t one, not like the others do. Envy’d taught him that.

Envy grabs another bottle, dropping his leg to let both dangle over the counter’s edge, and says, “You know I don’t like fighting.” He tosses it lazily from hand to hand. Liquor sloshes loud in the silence when Greed stops just out of range of his swinging feet. “I’m bored.”

“You’re trouble when you’re bored,” Greed says, hooking a thumb in the waist of his pants.

Envy grins, deliberately wide to bare small, sharp teeth. Greed wouldn’t have forgotten that, not in three hundred years. “I followed your cute little alchemist and his girl home,” Envy says. “Doesn’t like cock, does he? Or just doesn’t like yours.”

“My alchemist likes to play rough,” Greed replies, lifting his hand and studying the lines of the bloodred ouroboros stamped there. Still too calm, too relaxed. Envy wants suspicion, wariness, panic. He’d been the one to put Greed in the ground, suspended in a miserable half-life for more than a century. Greed needs to remember that.

“A guy needs a break once in a while,” Greed continues. He smiles and puts his fingers to his lips, licking the taste of the bitch he has to know Envy can smell on him. “New homunculus not so fun to play with?” he asks. “Did he turn out brainless like Gluttony?”

“Needy, whiny little brat,” Envy spits, and kicks at one of the decrepit barstools, sending it skittering through the glass and drink and blood. “Momma this, momma that, momma’s a fucking pain in the ass.”

Jealousy sinks its claws into the pit of his stomach and twists, twists until he can’t breathe through the rage boiling up into the back of his throat. He hates Greed rubbing it in his face, how other people always get what they want. Greed wants sex, he gets it; the brat wants a mother, he gets it; Dante wants a pretty new body, she gets it.

Envy never gets what he wants.

“Go ahead,” he says, masking his hate with a casual shrug, “lick your whole arm if you want. You know I can smell her cunt on you.” He glances at the bottle’s label and pries the cork out with his teeth. It stinks, too. A stench like morning in a music hall. He doesn’t like the taste but should drink it anyway. Just because it’s Greed’s.

Envy flicks the bottle at Greed, hopes to splatter a slightly less offensive smell over the odour clinging to his naked skin. Greed catches it before it hits the floor, liquor splashing out of the neck to spatter and drip down his chest.

Should have broken the bottle first, then thrown it straight at Greed’s cocky grin.

Greed steps between his legs and sets the bottle back on the bar before winding an arm familiarly around his neck. Envy’s the one on guard now, and that’s not the way it’s supposed to be. He’s not supposed to like the heavy weight, not supposed to let Greed pull him down until their mouths are near touching, not supposed to smell someone else’s come on Greed’s breath as Greed says, “And how’s daddy?”

Envy curls his hand into a fist, imagines breaking Greed’s teeth. Greed can never do anything right. But when he nudges at Envy’s lips with his own, Envy relaxes, slips his legs around Greed’s hips and curves his mouth in a smile.

“Rotting,” he says, “and probably reeking as bad as you do.” Greed’s lips don’t even taste like Greed under the sex and smoke and liquor. It’d be disappointing, if Envy cared. “You taste like a cheap whore, too. Didn’t enjoy your little vacation?”

“I would’ve preferred a room with a view,” Greed says, his hands sliding up Envy’s thighs, long fingers and wide palms so familiar it’s easy to think Greed had never stopped touching him.

Viciously, Envy bites the soft flesh of Greed’s bottom lip. Greed’s lying to him, lying to him again; seeing all the things Greed wanted but couldn’t have would’ve been worse torture than being sealed in the dark with only his empty skull for company.

Envy should have let Dante kill him. It didn’t matter to Envy, and Greed had managed to escape anyway, even buried three stories underground.

Greed’s sharp hiss is almost as satisfying as the salty trickle of warm blood onto his tongue that washes away the taste of everything else. Envy licks the blood from his teeth, lets Greed kiss him so he can lick it from Greed’s mouth as well. Fingers drift up his spine, linger there, and too late he feels Greed grin against his lips as a sharp claw digs into his flesh, straight into the node in the centre of his back.

Sensation too sharp to be pleasure or pain rips through Envy, wrenches a jagged gasp from his throat. His blunt nails claw deep, bloody furrows across Greed’s naked back, turning skin too slick under his hands to grip and jerk Greed closer.

This is why he hates Greed, hates the way he used to love fucking him. Envy could have killed the alchemist a dozen times over – should have killed him – but followed him straight back to Greed instead.

Next time, he would. Next time, he wouldn’t let Greed get close enough to even see him smile.

Envy shakes the dizziness off as soon as Greed’s claw slips free. A quick tingle races across his back as the wound heals seamlessly. Greed’s hand is pressed to the small of his back, pulling him closer, forcing his legs to spread wider.

“You’re not mad at me, are you?” Envy asks, sure he didn’t hear the breathless moan in his voice as Greed’s hips grind against his.

Greed’s eyes flare with something too dark and too inhuman to be hate. “Not really,” he says, and steps back, taking Envy with him. His hands slide under Envy’s thighs, his tongue traces a wet path up the line of Envy’s throat, and Envy can almost believe he’s telling the truth. “But if you want, I can say yes, and we can fuck and make up.”

Envy scratches bloodstained nails over Greed’s scalp, fixing the short spikes the way he imagines they should look. Teeth scrape his skin, lips follow, and Greed sucks a quickly-fading mark to the surface as Envy arches into the perfectly unnatural heat of Greed’s body.

Greed had always tried to mark him, just like Greed marked all his other things; little signs of ownership that he could look at and say mine. He’d never stopped trying, even when the bruises vanished from Envy’s skin and the slashes from his claws healed without a trace left behind.

“You never used to be this bad at lying,” Envy says, but that’s not true either. Greed hadn’t bothered lying to him, once, when Greed wasn’t angry and wasn’t stubborn enough to keep pissing Dante off, back when he could come home and they could have real fun like they did in the beginning.

Greed carries him away from the counter, through the centre of the ruins he’s made, and Envy says, “But fuck me anyway,” as he jerks Greed’s head back by the hair and shoves his tongue between red-stained lips.

When Greed stops, broken bottles crunching and scraping underfoot, he’s sure Greed’s going to drop him to the floor and fuck him through the endless writhing pain of glass shards sinking into flesh. But Greed just kisses him and walks on, up the narrow staircase to the slice of moonlight spilling from a half-open doorway.

“Out,” Greed says, before they’re even in the room.

On the bed, something – a woman – starts, slithering back and curling warily against the scraped headboard. She hisses at Envy as the man beside her bristles with something close to outrage. They’re things from the Fifth. Monsters for pets.

“Out,” Greed repeats, and nibbles at the crook of Envy’s neck as they slink away like bitter, kicked puppies.

The smell of sex grows stronger as Greed lays him on the bed. That sickening feeling of pleasure at being wanted threatens to curl through his stomach, twisting with the smug satisfaction of Greed tossing out his new toys in favour of him.

He’s not stupid enough to believe it means anything, but he can’t ignore it, either.

Wickedly sharp teeth scrape over his stomach as his clothes melt away. Greed used to take his time, but now everything is tight, wet heat sucking at Envy’s dick, clawed fingers digging hard into his hips, and low, humming groans that stutter his breath and make him bite his lip.

His hand fists tight in Greed’s hair, the other gripping the rickety headboard hard enough to make the rusted iron frame creak and threaten to break. A few decades of forced celibacy have shortened Greed’s patience to nothing.

“What a stinking dump,” Envy hisses, and shoulders a stained pillow to the floor. His legs spread wider, knees bent and feet braced on the tangled, threadbare sheets. It’s not enough and Greed knows it, and when Envy licks his own fingers, twists to slick his hole wet and push inside, it still isn’t enough.

Greed laughs, his mouth still full of Envy’s dick, and warm saliva trails down smooth, sensitive skin. His tongue follows, gliding slick around the head, down the side, making Envy hiss as the aching need for more coils tighter. “Beggars can’t be choosers,” he says, hand sliding up Envy’s thigh and thumb forcing into him, stretching him too far too fast, stopping too soon.

Envy doesn’t bother to bite back his frustrated groans. He wants Greed’s toys to hear it.

Greed’s hands curl over his hips, slide under and lift. Wet heat tickles his palm, and Greed’s tongue flicks teasingly over clenching muscle before pushing between his fingers. Envy shivers, breath catching on a low moan, and lets his hand fall away. It’s not what he wants, isn’t what he came here for; not the slow pleasure that burns along his nerves, not the way Greed deliberately makes him squirm, tongue curling deep for less than a breath, then slipping away again.

“What the hell are you waiting for?” Envy hisses, bucking and trying to roll away. Greed’s grip tightens, hands shifting momentarily to claws that just prick his skin, scrape his thighs as Greed lets him fall back to the rumpled sheets.

“For you to moan like the filthy whore you are,” Greed says, and Envy has time to scramble up to his hands and knees before Greed’s weight drops heavily onto his back.

Envy’s hands slip, tearing at the worn cotton sheets. He feels Greed fumbling with the zip on his pants, hears something rip when Greed bites at the nape of his neck. Then Greed’s dick is rubbing over his hole, perfect heat sinking inside him, and Envy’s groaning something that could be anything or nothing at all.

It doesn’t matter anymore if the others find out Envy’s here, or he knows where Greed is and says nothing. Hardly the first time, maybe not even the last he’s gone against Dante because of Greed – Gluttony’s the only one who would remember, and Gluttony doesn’t matter. All Envy cares about right now is the hard snap of Greed’s hips against his, every sharp jerk driving deep and deeper and shoving him face-first to the creaking bed.

“You used to be better at this,” Envy groans, propped up on one elbow and reaching for the headboard to brace himself. Greed used to be rougher, harder. That’s what he wants.

Greed chuckles and wraps a strong arm around him, sits back on his heels and pulls Envy with him. He spreads his knees wide and holds Envy pinned to his chest as his free hand idly wanders. Greed bites at Envy’s neck again, his fingers brushing over nipples, pinching hard until Envy writhes, grinds against the thickness of Greed’s dick buried inside him.

“You used to know how to appreciate a slow fuck,” Greed counters, hand sliding down to tease the soft flesh of Envy’s inner thighs and stroke slowly back up to caress the line of his throat.

Envy makes a low sound, something only half a moan, and shies away when Greed presses a kiss to his shoulder, tongue teasing the point of his array. The soft, wet touch feels too good, too familiar, and if he’d wanted that sort of thing, Lust’s easy to get it from.

Lust isn’t even close to being Greed.

Envy reaches over his shoulder, tears his nails across Greed’s back. “If I’d known you’d gotten all soft and romantic,” he says, looking for a way to goad Greed into giving him what he wants, “I wouldn’t have bothered to visit.”

Energy prickles across Envy’s skin, leaves him pressed against the impossible hardness of Greed’s shield as clawed hands wrap around his cock, stroke him right to the edge of release. “I told you my alchemist takes a lot out of me,” Greed says, voice hollow and echoing.

Monstrous teeth rub against bare skin, and out of the corners of his eyes, Envy can see the flare of red in Greed’s. He grabs the back of Greed’s skull, shudders with breathless anticipation, waiting for Greed’s cock to turn harder than stone inside him.

Envy falls forward as Greed releases him, roughly flips him over and spreads his legs wide. “You always did like it hard, didn’t you?” Greed says, pinning him to the bed by the shoulders and grinding against him. “My little slut. Harder, deeper, more, more, more.”

The shield peels away under Envy’s hand. He looks up to see Greed grinning down at him, sees hungry want sparked bright in narrow eyes. His fingers tangle in Greed’s damp hair and he lets out an angry groan when all Greed does is tease.

Greed’s waiting for him. Body thrumming with the need to have Greed driving back inside him, to feel cock and claws sink into him until he screams, what Greed wants to hear could almost be true. But he doesn’t want to give in – he never wants to give in – even if he already did hours ago, weeks ago, when the idea to track Greed down started churning in his head.

Envy closes his eyes and says what Greed always wants to hear as his arms slip tight around Greed’s back and his legs hook around Greed’s hips. And it means nothing, nothing, because it’ll get Envy what he wants, and he never cared about giving everyone else lies. Envy jerks him closer, Greed’s body crushing his to the bed.

Greed pushes himself up and Envy bares his teeth with a hiss. The sound slips into a groan when Greed slips a hand between his legs and fingers him, then a gasp as claws rake along his thigh. Greed pins his knee to his chest and rudely shoves into him again, fills him with flesh thick and hard and hotter than the blood spilling over greedy black claws.

“Better,” Envy rasps, arching off the bed and hands skimming over Greed’s shoulders, reaching above his head to grab the headboard. “Almost hard enough.”

Greed’s teeth clamp down on his shoulder, and Envy hisses a stream of curses – old ones, ones they both used to breathe into air heavy with sex and blood – as Greed grinds harder into him, drags sharp teeth over his collarbone.

“Louder, Envy,” Greed says, bloodstained hands grabbing Envy’s hips and jerking him closer. “Louder.” He digs a clawed thumb into soft flesh above Envy’s hip and crushes their mouths together, swallowing the start of a scream before it can fall from bruised lips.

Wood splinters in Envy’s grip. He fists a hand in Greed’s hair, revels in the harsh scrape of teeth against his lips and tongue as much as the brutal slam of flesh against flesh. Blackness eats at the corners of his eyes, Greed’s claws spilling blood faster than the red stone can replace it.

Greed groans, tongue licking at his lips, claws tearing from his side to shove between them, fist tight around Envy’s cock. Groans again, louder, when Envy shudders and clenches, and thrusts hard, freezing as slick heat spills inside him.

Envy tears away from Greed’s vicious kisses, sucking in quick, desperate breaths. Energy sears along his veins and across his skin, working frantically to keep him alive. Greed whispers something harsh in his ear, and Envy opens glazed eyes to glance his smugly possessive grin before they slide shut again. He lets out a jagged groan, struggling to thrust into the tight grip, and feels his own nails tearing bloody scratches into his thighs beside Greed’s claws as orgasm rips a choked scream from his throat.

He slumps to the sheets, breathless and loose-limbed and dizzy. Greed touches lips to his chest, licks the taste of salt from his skin as Envy waits for his ragged heartbeat to steady, still buried deep inside him.

Greed slides his hand out from between them after a moment, smearing blood and come and sweat across their skin, and asks, “Should I have killed you?” as he shifts onto his elbows and curls his arms under Envy.

“You could have,” Envy says, ignoring the tender kisses pressed to the curve of his jaw and the way Greed holds him. As if it meant something. He slings an arm over his eyes and waits for Greed to get tired of pretending, but Greed doesn’t, only traces the angle of his cheekbone with a fingertip. He can’t settle with Greed touching him like that.

Envy wriggles out of his grasp and shoves him away, tossing off a careless, “Guess you missed your chance.” He rolls to his feet and heads for the bathroom, dragging a hand through his tangled hair as the headband vanishes.

Greed flops onto his back with a sigh and props an arm behind his head. “Guess so,” he says, pulling a torn sheet corner over to wipe up the mess on his stomach and his dick.

Just because it’s there, Envy jerks on the chain hanging from the bare lightbulb. He squints when it flares brighter than expected, and doesn’t bother looking around, just turns the tarnished knob. The pipes bang, and dirty water sputters into the sink before steadying and running mostly clear. Envy looks in the cracked mirror, Greed’s reflection visible in the corner of his eye.

Greed gives his dick a few lazy tugs, obviously pleased it’s still thick and heavy between his legs. “I’ll take a raincheck, then.”

Still hadn’t lost that cockiness after all. “You won’t survive to collect it if I tell them you’re here,” Envy says. The array on his naked forehead looks strange – flat, red as blood, and he ducks his head to splash cold water on his face.

He hears the bed creak, and Greed’s quiet steps whispering across the floorboards. “Times change,” Greed says, reaching up to hang on the doorframe, his pants barely clinging to his hips.

“You’re still as stupid as always,” Envy replies, turning to Greed to run cold, wet hands down his chest. “A few failed experiments and an insane alchemist.” His fingers curl tight around Greed’s cock, and flakes of paint break free under Greed’s hands to flutter through the air. Envy smiles and says, “Just like home.”

Greed dips his head and breathes, “Stupid maybe, but I’m free,” into dark hair. “Aren’t you tired of it yet? His mouth trails to Envy’s forehead, lips brushing over the lines of the array. “Playing the faithful son, nothing more than an errand boy….”

Envy’s smile twists, stretches bitter across his lips as he starts to laugh. As if Greed would ever be worth betraying Dante and missing the chance to kill the rotting bastard and his brats.

“You think that’s why I’m here?” he snickers, and drops to his knees to flick his tongue over the head of Greed’s dick.

Greed pushes a hand into his hair, guides Envy’s mouth easily over his cock. “I think you’re here to make me feel like I need to look over my shoulder every five minutes,” he says, widening his stance. “More than a century and you still haven’t found him…” Greed’s voice drops into a low, considering murmur. “…taking your sweet time, aren’t you.”

Envy jerks back, teeth scraping over the hard flesh in his mouth, and snarls when Greed shoves his face back. “I don’t know why the fuck I bother with you,” Envy snaps, driving Greed away with an elbow to the stomach. He hates Dante for holding him back, making him wait until she gets what she wants, and hates Greed even more for knowing it and rubbing it in his face.

“Why the hell do I bother with you,” he snarls at Greed, and knocks him backwards to the floor. Envy drops on top of him as soon as he’s down, grabbing his hair and cracking his skull against the floor. “Why the fucking hell do I bother with you!”

Greed hisses and catches one of Envy’s fists as the shield snaps up to keep the other from breaking his jaw. “I wonder that myself,” he says casually, and lets go.

“I hate you,” Envy growls, fist smashing through the floor beside Greed’s head. Splintered wood rips through his flesh as he jerks free. “I hate you, I hate you, I hate you!” he screams, chanting it over and over as he tries to beat through Greed’s shield.

Bones crunch as he hits Greed’s jaw, sharp, searing pain that he hardly notices, and it’s better, so much better than the feeling churning in his stomach. That same feeling again, the one that plagued him and pissed him off for months and months and fucking years after she’d sealed Greed.

Envy feels claws snap tight around his wrists, and then his back smacks against a wall, head hitting it a second later. He crumples to his knees and tries to shake it off, curling around the agony of the bones in his broken hands reknitting.

It’s Greed’s fault for making him angry. It’s Greed’s fault for making him forget how much Greed can hurt him, and it’s Greed’s fault that he remembers things he doesn’t want to and it’s all Greed’s fault.

It’s all Greed’s fault.

“I hate you,” he hisses through clenched teeth as Greed crouches in front of him.

Envy lets Greed cup his face with both hands, lets Greed pull him forward to breathe, “I hate you, too,” into his mouth and kiss him soft and slow, tongue tracing the line of his teeth. Greed’s thumb runs gently over his bottom lip.

“Go home, Envy,” he says.


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