Timing is Everything

Trowa/Duo. PG-13. ~150 words.
Impatience is catching.

His back hit the wall with a muffled thump, Trowa’s hand slapping hard against the unfinished drywall beside his head a second later. Slender fingers stroked over his side as soft lips found just the right spot on his neck to tease. A body made entirely of lean muscles and sharp angles and long, long lines pinned his firmly to the wall, and he couldn’t complain.

Mostly because Trowa’s tongue was in his mouth, but that was besides the point anyway.

Trowa’s hands found his wrists, sliding his arms high above his head and holding them, their fingers laced together. He felt a knee press between his legs, nudge his own wide so Trowa could settle between them. Heat seeped through his jeans, made his back curve as he rocked his hips for more.

“You don’t have any concept of timing,” Trowa accused, his voice a low growl against Duo’s lips.

“That’s what you think.”


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