Greed/Envy. R. ~300 words. Violent sex.
Because he always wanted it.

Razor-edged claws drove into the wood, hands as hard as diamond crushing his wrists. Twin trails of blood seeped slowly down one arm, bright and hot, and his lips parted in a wide smile.

“Greedy, greedy,” Envy said, idly stroking slender fingers over the warm carbon claws pinning him.

“She’ll never miss it.” Greed grinned his shark’s grin and forced him tighter to the wall. He felt Envy’s heart beat faster, felt his pulse start to race and his hard cock pressed against him. For someone who claimed to dislike fighting, Envy sure got off on it.

Envy suddenly twisted, quick and hard enough to shove him back. Greed’s hands still pinned him, and he lifted his legs to wrap them around Greed’s hips as his back slammed against the wall again. He let out a breathy little mockery of a moan, stretching in a long sensuous line.

“If you liked pain that much, all you had to do was ask.” Leaning forward with a leer, he licked at the corner of Greed’s mouth and said in a harsh whisper, “You’re lots of fun to hurt.”

Since the night was a loss already, Greed took both of Envy’s wrists in one hand, grinned again at the sharp hiss of breath as his claws parted skin. He dragged the cutting edges down Envy’s taut stomach, pressed just hard enough for five points of blood to glisten on bare skin.

He shredded Envy’s clothes before they could be reabsorbed, stroked the ouroboros mark high on one lean thigh. Because he wanted it, because he always wanted it, Greed kissed him, deep and long and hard, full of slick tongue and the scrape of sharp, white teeth.

“So are you.” Brutal claws pierced flesh, and he drove his dick into that tight little body with one hard thrust. He greedily swallowed Envy’s scream and kissed him harder.


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