Well Deserved

Treize/Zechs/Wufei, Wufei/Heero. R. 300 words. Bondage. D/s. Violence. Co-authored with Ponderosa.
Wufei is well-behaved on the surface.

Zechs was sheened with sweat and begging to come.

Treize slipped a hand under Zechs’s chin and tipped his face up. The muscles in Zechs’s thighs must ache; Treize could see how hard he fought to keep his body upright.

Treize studied him for a long time, lips curving gently at the corners of his mouth. “What do you think?” He turned his head and he released Zechs’s chin to stroke his knuckles against the gentle swell of Wufei’s cheekbone. “Does he deserve it more than you?”

Treize clasped Wufei’s face in both hands and still the boy kept his eyes down. He chuckled, and patted him gently on the face. Well-behaved on the surface, but the muscles of his neck were tense and screaming, ‘No!’.

He crouched down in front of Wufei, roughly squeezed the length of the boy’s dripping cock. “Does he want it more than you?”

Dark eyes lifted.


Heero slammed against the wall, sagging slightly as he shook off the blackness threatening to swallow him whole. His breath seared his lungs, throat bruised by the arm still tight against his neck. He grasped at Wufei’s shoulder, not trying to hide his reaction to what he’d seen.

“How many times, Yuy?” Wufei snarled.

Heero didn’t have an answer, he’d long since stopped counting. “Enough,” he rasped, knowing it wouldn’t satisfy.

He sucked in a greedy breath when Wufei’s arm fell away and jerked him forward, losing it just as quickly when his back hit solid wall again. He felt hard muscle and firm heat press tight to his body, pin him to the cold brick. The smell of sex still lingered on dark skin, tainted every breath he managed to draw. He turned his head, mouth finding the fresh mark marring the sharp curve of Wufei’s jaw.

“Enough,” he repeated.

Dark eyes burned.


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